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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Stefan's Sane Summer Saturday Staying-in Sangria

Sometimes it is just better to drink at home. One doesn't have to worry about misbehaving in public. And one can just pass out on the sofa and not worry about being mugged.

Here a cool recipe for those sticky summer nights that are filled with the sound of crickets and the energy of a coming thunderstorm in the air:

- Start working on this right after breakfast
- Slice an Orange, half a lemon and a lime.
- Fruits in the jug and pour a cup of rum onto this
  I prefer brown rum
- Add 4 - 6 teaspoons of sugar
- Add a dash of Cointreau
- Put the cheapest red wine you can get in the fridge

Let that mixture rest in the fridge for the whole day.
After all, these ingredients went through a lot already.

- Have a beer around 4pm
- Check on mixture to make sure it is comfortable

To finally get things moving

- Have another beer
- Crush the fruits in the jug
- Add the (Cheap) red wine, stirr vigorously
- Let it breathe for 10 minutes

Yammmmmm Seng! (Chinese for Cheers)

My next one will be a pumkin punch with whole fruits.

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