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Friday, May 15, 2009

My apology to mother Earth - And who is to blame

I am not a tree hugger. Nor am I a big fan of accentuated activities like Earth hour. However, I try to do my best to preserve the resources we have, waste less and use eco-freindly products whenever I can.

For a while I have tried public transport. This morning I have been pushed over the cliff though. Once a week I work in a place 20 Km away from home. The train station is just across the street and on the other side a short taxi ride will take me there.

I rocked up at the train station at 7:30, scheduled train at 7:47. Cancelled and the next one at 8:07. Nice in the heat here. Eventually the train arrives, leaves late and takes over 1 hour to get to the place I have to get off. Then the taxi drivers tell me that they charge three times the metered amount for the 2 minute ride. Total time spent: 2 hours for 20 Km. I was running this in the Hong Kong Marathon.

Sorry guys, next time I am going to call my Taxi-Man with his worn out taxi that burns oil and uses fuel as lubricant. Somehow, 4 hours of commuting is not worth 8 hours of work...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daniel and Craig

There he is. James Bond's long lost brother. We met him in the Zoo in Taiping, Malaysia.
We spent an afternoon "shooting" animals. Dad and me in a competition for the best photograph of an animal.
On Saturday the whole family went to Penang to see some culture. We had a really cool hotel overlooking the sea. Balcony and own beach. Naturally, all of us went to the night market to grab some bargains.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Creativity in Asia

Just when you thought you have seen it all... This is a chopstick (yeah, usually you eat with it) used to lock the toilet door in a Dim Sum restaurant...

Hopefully it stays there and does not find the way back to the tables.

My parents arrive in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning at 6:30. Let's see how much damage the entire Pertz family can do in one country.