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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to take up this hobby again

Alright, I admit it. 2010 I have been lazy posting my thoughts or images here. If that is a new-year-resoluton, so be it: I will post more often again on my blog.

Also, I know that the site is down. I simply need to renew some hosting and stuff. But we all know how it is. The beer in the fridge is more important than that.

We have had a good start into 2011. Not that we had a massive party or anything, we just slipped over into the new year. Business is doing fantastic. Which is very re-assuring as last year this time around was a complete catastrophe.

Next week I will be in Singapore. At the end of February I will compete in the "Las Vacas Steak Eating Competition". 1,3 Kg of steak are to be beaten.

Hopefully I will have some more travels with the Missus and we can post more stuff here.
Keep coming back for more.