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Monday, December 28, 2020

Time to say Good-bye

Maybe it is a symbol of how we end this particular year? Time to let go, move on, open the doors to usher in the next? Or maybe this particular piece of equipment has just been a very trusted companion. After 12 years and countless trips, this Samsonite luggage has now made its last trip. Although local, but it has been on the final trip this weekend, carrying the stuff needed for a staycation.

Luggage does not have an easy job these days and every time I have used this bag, I have been amazed by how much torture this thing can take. Now, with parts chipped off, zippers torn and the inside worn out, it is time to put the next one to the task. 

The only question is: when can we travel again?

Monday, November 30, 2020

An Iconic German Watch Brand being Re-Launched


The re-birth of an Iconic German Watch Brand.

How exciting it must be to re-launch a brand that has been in the family for generations!
Jonas Bley is currently busy with the production and shipment of the first watches of the relaunched Wegner Watches brand. With a lot of history, he surely has some anecdotes to share:

“While the (hi-)story of Eugen Wegner and the watch business has always been present in my childhood home, none of us really dared to venture into that field, lacking the experience. My grandmother (a goldsmith) and her brother (a watchmaker) are the only family members who used to learn the trade of watchmaking and goldsmithing. During high school I interned at my grandmother’s studio for a short while, but that is long time ago.


In 2017 I came across one of the old Hevelius pockets watches, which was sold by a trader in Moscow. It was the tipping point for me to finally try and restart the business. However, reviving the family business for us also means that do not outsource our manufacturing. Our products are close to our heart and we want to have as much control over the process and quality as possible. Therefore, in absence of any personal qualification as watchmaker or goldsmith, it has been of utmost importance for us to find excellent watchmakers and goldsmiths to be part of our revival team from day one reviving the family business.” - Jonas Bley in November 2020.

Those interested in the timepieces can now pledge their support on Kickstarter Eugen Wegner

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Toasting my Way to Stardom


Again? Yes. Every morning. Toast. Like this. Or a variation thereof. Sometimes a bit darker. Most times with cheese. Or jam. Or one with jam and one with cheese. Depends.

According to some sources, like, having a simple routine that addresses certain daily tasks makes one more effective and thus successful.

Nowadays, "if there is no photo, it did not happen" and therefore I post what I toast on social media. And while it is a bit of fun for me, I am surprised about the comments. People ask me, daily, Again? Yes. Every morning. Toast. It makes me wonder what people eat, if this is too boring for them. Maybe ya'll can leave me your one week meal plan in the comments?

Meanwhile, this effectiveness-enhancer has yet to make me a Millionaire... Maybe it really is about T-Shirts and not breakfast?

Monday, November 16, 2020

High Risk Furniture


Makes it 18 % Dangerous!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Looks Easy Enough


And just how often did you think: I wonder what happened if I had taken the other option....

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Atlas Gourmet Market - Staycation

Atlas Gourmet Market: Located at the landmark Four Seasons Place connected to Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, they claim to bring you the world's finest food, drinks and experience.

They got that right. We went for an amazing brunch. And liked the concept. Sit anywhere and order from any of the shops and have only one bill. I could do this again. It can be really hard to get good parma ham and such. Atlas has that down pat. Only the beer selection is a bit thin.

In particular one has to comment on the outstanding service provided by the chap in the oyster / seafood station. He went all out to make sure that everything was done just right. 

Place makes perfect sense if you are on a staycation. Once done boozing, just zip upstairs and pass out watching the sun set over the PETRONAS towers. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Keep Your Mouth Shut - Keep Your Money


How to avoid a big bill: don't say nothing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A thought...

 ... for a blog post occoured to me while shopping for Wiskey. Just now, when I tried to remember what it was about, I had forgotten it all. It WAS to be really funny.

Anyway, tonight we are going local. Trying a Malaysian made wiskey that has won a heap of awards. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

A Change of Pace


Rewind 365 days. The past 30 hours have been so much different. In 2019, I was in Tokyo during a Typhoon. On the last day of a trip organised by FUSO Japan, coming down from their proving grounds, I experienced the shutting down of Tokyo due to mother nature doing her thing. 

On 25 October 2019 I got up early, wanting to go for a jog, my first sports activity in an action packed week. It was sleeting rain, so I abandoned that thought and worked instead. Only later did I find out that the cozy hotel has a hot spring and I could have done that instead of emails. The bus trip took 3 times longer back to Tokyo and there was a lot of howling winds and more rain. Something was on.

After depositing the others at Haneda, it was my turn to be sent to Narita. Getting there was quiet the adventure. We stopped on the side of the highway. Highways were closed and some train lines stopped operating. My guide told me that we gonna try to make our way to the airport by means of using three different trains.

The first one was packed. Packed as shown in the documentaries about Japan. And then some. To get to the next one we first stood 40 minutes in the rain, then decided to go in the opposite direction for a few stations as the trains arriving were overflowing.

Turns out that we managed to get onto the last train to the airport. Arriving there we learned that the flight I was on had been delayed. Not cancelled. Having sat down after check in as the last ones they allowed to do so, the beer tasted really good. The flight was supposed to leave at 5pm. Finally left after midnight.

The good news was: people did not make it to the airport and the flight was empty and I had a whole row to myself while bumping out of Tokyo. But I was late into Kuala Lumpur. The plan was to arrive on 25th, sleep and fly on to Singapore on 26th. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur with the missus already at the other airport and me having to rush from one to the other. As a precaution, I re-booked my flight to one an hour later. Turns out, had I not sat down to do so, I could have been on the original flight. Bad news: it was the first flight I have ever missed in 36 years of flying. 

Today, 26 October 2020, I just saunter back and forth between fridge (beer) and sofa (aktschen Fulms).

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Kitchen Improvements

Who would have thought! The lockdowns have lead to one thing: massive arms race in the kitchen. We now have cast iron skillets and woks, light saber-sharp bread knife, a new coffee grinder and some other nifty tools.

The cast iron skillet makes a real difference on the bacon. Much tastier. But man, cast iron cooking tools are pussies! Can't scrub them. Can't use dishwashing liquid. Need to oil them once dry (Our olive oil consumption through the roooooofffff!!!) Should have done an video of the unboxing though.

I kinda enjoy the Korean BBQ grille we also got. As you know.. I can BBQ any time of the day. And now I can BBQ any time of the day. At home. For breakfast. If I want. 

And we make bread now...

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Musical Chairs - Sounds Bad to Me


As I walked into this eatery at 5:15pm, I steered towards the table you see here. I wanted a beer before dinner. The "auntie" running a food stall in this locale came to me and asked me to sit at another table. I asked why she would want me to do so and the answer was "This table I need for my customers..." Ok, so I am already not a customer?

While having a beer, I had half an eye on the table. In 45 minutes not one "Customer" sat at this table. In fact, only two people came to buy take-out food. My table was the same size, had the same utensils on it as well as the same type of soy sauce. Identical twins in every respect, except for the position. My preference was still the other table I wanted at first.

Finishing my beverage, the auntie and her team settled on another table to have dinner. I ambled over and said "You asked me not to sit at that table. I am so glad that there have been so many people sitting at it. Now, since you didn't let me sit there as a customer, I won't dinner eat here. My wife, who is on the way to join me won't eat here either. And in future, I will have my beer somewhere else..."

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Why Care?

 Yesterday, everyone was talking about "The Debate". I had very little idea about what that was all about until I checked it. It was a televised debate between Trump and Biden. A lot of commentary on social media. Especially from those not living in the US and not even being Umericans.

Honestly: I don't care.

Bush Senior as President had no noticeable impact on my life.
Bush as President had no noticeable impact on my life. 
Obama as President had no noticeable impact on my life. 
Trump so far as President had no noticeable impact on my life. 

The only thing I wish I did was to put money on Trump winning his first presidency. Ok, sure, I won 4 bottles of Scotch, but at 1:200 000 odds, a 1 000 USD wager would have put me on a boat by now. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lost on this Generation


Then. It was when I was 8 years old that I had my first stereo. I would "tape" songs on my tape recorder. A massive thing with 2 spools. Like a casette. Just the size of a luggage bag. The bands of that time were legends. One would read up on Paul Newcastle's "19" and how he used the song to get to grips with the horrors of the Vietnam war. 

On Sundays, the family would huddle together at dinner and listen to the "Hitparade". They would play the songs of the billboard charts, counting up to the ultimate number 1. My dad would tell me about how the Beatles got the girls all excited and what a loss it was that Lennon got shot.

There was such a high impact of music on culture.

One would spend days planning a trip to the record shop. Some would have a vest with patches sewn onto to indicate where their allegiance was. Today, we have memes based on covers of the Beatles LPs. (Long Playing record ya!)

And there I am. Sitting in a restaurant with the missus. It is called "Abbey Road". It is themed. AND serves amazing food. And I look around, almost tearing up. Cos, there is no way that we will have that again. What that? That awesomeness that people will model an entire establishment after their idols. Their most favorite band. Or bands. 

Today, most live bands play the songs of the 70s, 80s, some 60. NEVER newer stuff. Every dive bar with sticky bars and smelly toilets I have ever been to has Alan Parsons on tap. 

Or can you imagine going to a Dua Lipe Bistro and Beer Cafe? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Stefan Reads: Great Railway Journeys in Australia and New Zewland


By David Bowden

 … fully revised, revitalised and refreshed

His revised book on 35 classic railway journeys in both countries has just been released by John Beaufoy Publishing (UK) and includes a few new railway journeys including the Mary River Rattler (Queensland) and the Coastal Pacific (New Zealand). This 160-page book has numerous photos of the railways and the journey and is the perfect guide for those who would love to set off to discover both Australia and New Zealand. 

Covering both long and short distances, steam and diesel-driven trains, commuter and tourist routes, this book provides a fascinating overview of rail travel and great railway journeys in both countries. 

Each journey includes photographs, points of interest, railway history, details on the train and a route map to assist in experiencing the journey for those planning a trip or those travelling virtually from the comfort of their own lounge chair.

With Christmas just a few months away, I couldn’t think of a better gift for those who love travel; especially rail travel. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

No Choice

 Having made a trip to the wine shop to replenish the bar, I asked the missus:

"Do you want beer, wine or whiskey tonight??"

She said "Yes!"

Friday, September 4, 2020

Maybe not Everything has Changed, but Staycations are Certainly not the Same!

Stefan Pertz, who is based in Malaysia, wanted a break from the routine but was hoping for more from his staycation. He had hope that the current situation had sparked innovative ways to meet guests needs and expectations, rather than watered down offerings.

The “Before and After” could not be more drastic than what a staycation used to be like and what it is nowadays with restrictions still in place to help in the fight against the pandemic.

I like a Staycation. For various reasons. Sometimes just for a change of scenery or for the convenience when attending an event where there is alcohol served and I don’t want to deal with how to get home. Breakfast is important for me and sometimes it’s nice to have someone prepare it and handle the aftermath once I am done. I keep some hotels in mind in case visitors need a recommendation.

Full article here: 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Make Up Your Minds About Rich People

 As I am trying to do less and less on Facebook (Cos I don't like the content there no more), I noticed that there are now 2 types of people. And I am not talking about behaviour in the shower.

There are those that condemn rich people for not giving enough back to society. How much is enough and is it up to them to decide what to do with their wealth? I am in no position to judge that. I think we all need to give back, but how and how much is something that I wouldn't know how to measure.

The others are the ones that think Bill Gates has a lizard army waiting and that he is trying to enslave us all with vaccine. Look here now: that fella does not NEED to use his money to do any charity work or to set up any foundation. As I see it, he just felt he has enough and is going to give back. He decided to do so with whatever he does. And I think in his mind that is what the world needs right now.

Just push these ultra rich people a lil more and I guess they gonna say "You know what.. Then I spend it all on stupid things if you don't appreciate me trying to help ya'll".

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Power of Items Engineered to Last


I am about to hit 47 years of age. Which means that the amplifier shown here has been with me for something like 30 years. Having saved up money from jobs in pubs, nightclubs and lawn mowing, I put down the cash for the Technics SUA900 Amp, which was the toppest of the range from Technics at that time. It says Mos Class AA on it. Class AA is indeed a (Matsushita invented) name for an amplifier topology consisting of both a class A stage as a voltage control amplifier as well as a class B stage for the current drive—plus a so-called "Class AA Bridge" which links together the two amp stages.

Last year the left channel stopped pumping out sound. And for the past months I have been trying to find someone to help me fix it. Finally, I found a shop in Puchong. Naturally, the technician is an old timer. Someone that grew up with this type of equipment. Old school: Fix what can be fixed, don't just throw it away. 

And today I picked it up. You think I am excited most of the times. You should have seen the owner of the shop! He had that thing in his showroom, blasting away.... Beaming like a child on Christmas.. "Oh, this one SUCH A GREEEEAAAAT sound!" One could tell that this beast still have a lot of anger in it and that it will continue to smash sounds once hooked up to the speakers.

Just seems that they don't make them like that anymore. Show me any type of gear these days that you can lug around 3 continents, running it in heat, cold and day in and day out without a hitch for 30 years!

Now, If you would excuse me, I would need to play some music! As for me, I am as excited to power this up as I was when I first unboxed it in Germany some three decades ago.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Haunted by the Golden Rider


This thing is haunting me! When I did my army service back in 1993, I was depending on my trusted motorbike to get me around. Seeing how the winter was approaching and 130 kilometres between barracks and home are no joke when it rains or in snow, I went to see the local car dealer. The only thing that was within my range was a "Sand Metallic" Polo, much like this model car. 

I should have either saved more or gotten a car much sooner than 3 days before checking in for my basic training. People still talk about the Golden Rider...

Monday, August 3, 2020

Winner Winner Staycation Dinner

Thank you to everyone who entered Asian Journeys / Accor Hotels staycation contest for a staycation at the very lovely Fairmont Singapore.

Congratulations to D. Fantgting.

For those who didn't win, perhaps you would like to enter our Fun With Masks contest and an opportunity to win a stay at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua.

We are in the group that likes to have Fun With Masks. People have come to use them as an expression of their individuality or to convey something of their personality Some are very artistic. Some are silly, and yours could win you a staycation at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort:

Send a picture of yourself wearing your mask - or just of the mask itself and if there is a story behind your mask, share a few words with us. We will pick out the one that appeals to us the most. The winner gets to stay in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort and entrants will be posted on Asian Journeys’ website:

Send your entry to Floyd Cowan at with the subject line "Masked with Stefan".

Monday, July 27, 2020

Prediction In Advance

Amazing! How many times have we read about some clairvoyant that has predicted something only to learn about the prediction s/he made AFTER the event? If people could predict things, why don't we know about them beforehand....

And so, just I can say "I said so", here is my prediction: Trump will be re-elected in November 2020.
I am so confident on that, I would actually bet good money on him winning.

Comes November, if he wins, I can refer back to this post and say "I knew it!" And I knew in advance!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Smelling the Coffee in the Morning

Now that the office is open again, four days a week, I am changing my schedule slightly. Nowadays I go a little earlier and bring the barstools out to have my coffee while sitting in the sun.

Yes, that is also the new look. Seeing how I had 14 weeks to grow that little hair I have left, I am now sporting a lil bit of a mullet. And I had to buy a beard trimmer. And a bread knife. But those two things are totally not related.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Win a Staycation

Bid cabin fever goodbye with a pampering staycation at Fairmont Singapore. Chill on your private balcony and take in the views of Marina Bay or the city.

Now, what is better than a staycation? Winning a staycation! Asian Journeys is revamping its e-newsletter and to stand a chance at winning all you need to do is sign up for the e-newsletter. Send an email to with "Staycation Contest with Stefan" in the subject line. You will be added to the subscription list and your name will be put in the Lucky Draw.

Even if you don’t win the Lucky Draw you win if you enjoy a staycation at the Fairmont Singapore. Not only is your mental health of importance, so is your physical wellbeing. Fairmont Singapore was the first Accor LUXE hotel in Asia Pacific to be recognised with the brand’s unique global cleanliness and hygiene ALLSAFE label.

With Singapore now in Phase 2 of reopening, this recognition comes as a timely testament of Fairmont Singapore’s unwavering commitment to the prioritising of guests’ and colleagues’ safety and well-being; and provides needed assurance, confidence and peace-of-mind to guests and patrons that the Hotel has met and will continue to uphold some of the most stringent cleaning standards & operational protocols in the world of hospitality.  The Accor ALLSAFE global cleanliness & hygiene standards have been developed with and vetted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspections and certification. All the Group's hotels must apply these standards and will be audited either by Accor operational experts or by third-party auditors such as Bureau Veritas to receive this label.

Upsized Staycation Offer
In addition to being confident that you will be in a safe, clean environment Fairmont Singapore is providing an Upsized Staycation Offer.  With the Hotel’s flexible cancellation policy, you will have peace of mind should your plans change.

If you are planning on bringing the little ones along, they can stay for free and enjoy breakfast too. For a little more space, book your second room at 50% off.

This is now available for stays from 15 July 2020 to 30 December 2020 for Singaporeans and local residents from S$305* per night in the Fairmont Room, including S$150 worth of vouchers.

For more details, please contact

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Malacca Madness

The advantage of having relatives all over the country is that I can now make several locations waypoints to stop and camp for the night. Always a good time in Melakka. And here the highlights, as seen by the only white fella in the family:

First stop, some culture and heritage:'s+Church/@2.1937787,102.2476243,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x31d1ee278e8c65dd:0x32a7281769e016a!2sMalacca!3b1!8m2!3d2.189594!4d102.2500868!3m4!1s0x31d1f1de03a266ab:0x79020278341d9ddf!8m2!3d2.19253!4d102.2495755

Not sure if it is still happening, but the fleamarket in the street behind Geographer Cafe was always a gem. Geographer also famous, because it was a filming location for a Korean movie. I have fond memories of having drinks with Peter Burns there. We managed to drink them empty (Southern Comfort and the next thing we moved on to. Can't remember... LOL)

We like to dip into this place for dinner:'s+Satay+Celup+(Main+Branch)/@2.1888953,102.2588579,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x31d1ee1ec4b44af9:0xb067f06d4e66a193!2sMcQuek's+Satay+Celup+(Main+Branch)!8m2!3d2.1888899!4d102.2610466!3m4!1s0x31d1ee1ec4b44af9:0xb067f06d4e66a193!8m2!3d2.1888899!4d102.2610466

Dim Sum in the morning (obviously...):,102.2392936,19z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sdim+sum+melakka!3m4!1s0x0:0x4c09229be9e51d60!8m2!3d2.2140663!4d102.2395423

In case you haven't seen / visited it yet, the old Portugese ship is an interesting museum.

Speakeasy bar and then a stroll along the Melakka river once out the backdoor. But better keep that quiet:,102.248575,19z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sspeakeasy+melakka!3m4!1s0x0:0x81385d8472c841ae!8m2!3d2.19746!4d102.2484892

Melaka? Melakka? Malaka? This one I can't get right.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Apparently, You COULD Make Stuff up!

As it is customary here in Asia, when you buy something, you get a "Free Gift". Not that one has to point it out, but gifts should be free to begin with. And then they are not free as they are certainly factored into the price of the goods purchased. I took the umbrella with the wedding bands. Not that I can't afford an umbrella, eh eh... But you know. Free maaaah!

At the petrol station this morning I got a bottle of salad dressing. And this will keep me awake at night for some time.

Firstly: What is the connection between salad dressing and petrol? I can see canned drinks and sammiches to make sense: needed for road trips. But what chances are there that you need salad dressing on the occasion of filling your tank.

Secondly: REAL INGRIDENTS??? What else would anything be made of? Or maybe, just MAYBE, there is business opportunity here for a "Phantom Ingredients" shop. Where you get like, nothing, to put into your product. You end up making stuff up.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Fruit Loop!

When you go to Ipoh, you HAVE to buy Pomelo. I actually like them fruits. And when you buy a fruit as big as that, with a peel that is as sturdy as a Pomelo's, then yes, you have to make a helmet out of it. Naturally.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

You Wrong That Read

I have been a "model" for a brochure in Singapore (Goldbell, back in 2007), an "actor" in a SingPost TV commercial. Several times I have been interviewed for newspapers, magazines or blogs. I enjoy these as I can learn about techniques others may use, think about how to give a smart response while on record with no time for long deliberations.

While in lockdown, a client suggested that we do video interviews that we record and then post online for others to get their info. Since I like to try new ways, it was obvious that I would go for that. Yesterday I did my second recording of such interviews.

Gotta say! Being a presenter is not easy. Can't dig your nose while the other party gives an answer. Need to speak clearly, and measured. Can't just stare around the room, but must pretend to be looking at the other participant. And although I have a script to read from, it is HAAARDDDD to get the lines right. I had to re-take a few things during the session as I did not read them right.

If anything, I can now appreciate the effort that goes into making a movie or TV commercial...

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Let's Toast!

"Stefan is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him butter three toasts in a kitchen... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a croque monsieur, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The cherry tomatoes he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now." - Come On Kaya Toast

Friday, June 19, 2020

That changes: Some, not all

And over and over again we read:

Covid-19 has changed everything

Hmmm. I am still married. That hasn't changed.
I still drink 4 cups of coffee. Unchanged.
My address is the same as last year
I am still using the same phone
My parents are still retired....
Still driving the same car
Favorite alcohol: scotch. For the past 30 years
I am still cooking with water
Keyboard still QWERTY
Checked: Twin Towers still in their usual spot
Sun rises in East, sets in West
STILL have to pay taxes
Constant at 9.81 meters per second squared: gravity
In Malaysia, still using metric system

Dunno where people get that idea from that everything has changed

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Not so Free Advertising on Social Media Platforms

As mainly a publisher of print magazines we supplement the product with electronic media, not denying that there are advantages and that one has to use a mix of mediums. It appears to me that more and more advertisers depend solely on “free” social media channels to get their messages out. Neither LinkedIn, nor Facebook, Instagram or any of these platforms actually create content. All they do is offer a noticeboard for anyone to post their ads, articles and rants. They live off content creators. And maybe it is these creators that need to be supported much more again. As such, most posts by brands can be classified as “ads”.

Full article here:

(Yes, I do see some irony in publishing this here)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

See You Soon Again: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Part of the recent renovation was a re-allocation of spaces in the Heritage Wing to accommodate guests who are typically repeat visitors, who surprisingly oftentimes opt to stay for extended periods of time, some even staying longer than a month. Offering them a revived experience in the Heritage Wing, they can now choose between three outlets to consume their breakfasts. What used to be the Farquhar’s Bar has been converted into a club lounge, The Cornwalllis, is now exclusive to patrons of the Heritage Wing and the Corner Suite Guests of the Victory Annexe. Also relocated was the Farquhar’s Bar, that has been transformed from something that was described as a dark and uninspiring place into a bar that has truly come alive yet maintains the overall experience of the E&O.

 The pool is an icon itself, which is also exclusive to Corner Suite Guests and is now protected by an improved seawall. One of the main components of the renovation was the enhancement of the seawall, which proved difficult as work schedules had to follow the tides. Fraser urges tourists and locals to explore more of Penang’s rich history, of which the E&O is part of. A good starting point would be the high tea and the Nyonya-styled tasting menu that has been added to the long list of things to discover.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Not Funny

For three months I have now been at home. Only going out to re-stock the fridge and lately for a quick jog as we were allowed to do so. Not that we did not keep entertained and in good spirits, but overall, it was not as much fun as it could have been.

Avira must know something we don't. Until the end of August we still have to adhere to special rules and regulations, international travel not being allowed for example... so, how exciting could it get?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Those Challenges?

Rock albums, travel pictures, food items... they can all be used for these challenges...

 "Day 7: I was nominated for the 10-Day Life is Good photo challenge. 10 days, 10 photos, 10 nominations.

Every day, I share an image that’s meaningful to me (without an explanation). Today, I nominate Larry Mitchell."

I have a question! If you post that with the picture of the Rock albums, travel pictures, food items, is that not an explanation?????

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Like What They Have Done to the Place

When in Penang, a visit to the Easter & Oriental Hotel is a must. And when in need of a drink, the Farquhar's Bar is a good spot to try some more cocktail oriented material. With the recent renovation of the property came a move of the bar to a new place within the hotel. And with that came a make-over of the style and ambience.

I like to step into such places and let myself being transferred back in time. With this renovation, the place feels like what it must have been to be in the very first Eastern & Oriental when the place was established: lavish parties, the elite of the country coming together to mix, mingle and cut deals.

There is a real danger that one will just spend a whole night in Farquhar's Bar. But that is not a problem, now is it?

Monday, June 1, 2020

The Tale of Two Businesses Continues

What’s My Incentive to Publish a Press Release? - Part II of Many

By Floyd Cowan
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief Asian Journeys

Daily, I receive swarms of email pitches grinning at me across the ether, dripping with bon hommie from PR Professionals who want me to give their clients exposure. Very few of them get in my magazine or on my website or get posted to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. I welcome press releases as they inform me about what’s happening in the world, and they provide me with valuable content.

So why do some get used and others not?
First of all, they have to be on topic. It is obvious when a PR pro is just sending out releases to a list of media whether or not they cover their subject or not. These releases get treated with the same respect as they show us.

Most PR professionals believe I am as invested in their client’s product as they are. I’m not.
During a working day I’m dealing with dozens of things with my focus on how I can build and monetize my business. Most often they think I am going to be happy to help promote their client – for free. But why should I be? There are hundreds of companies wanting to use my platforms to promote their products and services. Money talks, but it doesn’t always take talking money to get my attention.

“We are sharing this information for your reader’s interest…” wrote one PR pro to a friend who is a multi-award-winning freelancer and author of several books – and is very good at what he does.
That rings hollow because we all know the PR pro is sharing it because they are being paid to share it – that’s their job. That’s how they make their money! Nobody faults them for that. Many PR pros do not know who my readers are, much less what their interests are. I’ve even been approached by PR pros who didn’t know Asian Journeys is a travel magazine.

From that PR company quoted above, the full sentence reads: “We are sharing this information for your reader’s interest, unfortunately, there will be no media drops or seeding for this engagement at the moment.”

Other than the use of annoying PR terms there is less likely to be any engagement if it comes from a company that is global but expects small companies and freelancers to work for nothing. It takes time to edit a piece to your house style – often taking out annoying PR words – and then formatting it for whichever platform it will go on. It takes years to build readership and a following.
My friend made several excellent points in his reply:

“On behalf of [the client], you send out a release about something - to be honest; I didn't read it. I am assuming … you are earning a renumeration for issuing this release unless, of course, you are doing this pro bono. If that is the case, I salute you.

“So, what is the incentive for me to publish this article? … there is none.

“… advertisers are not doing what they are supposed to be doing - advertising. So this whole system is grinding to a halt. Then what happens when all the publications fold because, as you know, they can't survive on fresh air?

“If I were a PR practitioner and in touch with the market, I would tell my client: "Hey, I have a great idea. Publications and freelancers are suffering and you sell a valuable product. Wouldn't it be a great idea to offer them some complimentary products? There is a big mark-up on your products so it's not going to make you go broke. Alternatively, we could purchase some ads."

There are many good PR professionals whom I am happy to work with, two of whom I wrote about in Part I of this series. For them, I don’t need a free cup of coffee every time I do something for them. And believe me, if either of them had made the approach, they would’ve gotten exposure – without any lip back.

A little bit goes a very long way and far into the future.  I like to show my appreciation far beyond one project because that’s what real partners do.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Not a Foodie?

There are all sorts of foods. And people that make it a hobby or a living trying food. Or re-creating it. Or simply running a bistro, restaurant or cafe, food truck or a delivery service.

While I enjoy good food, I am not all that hyped up. And sometimes I think people take it too far. Like these "military doughnuts". Cool idea. And the rest of the cafe was themed the same. But there is no way I would eat one if these as they, in my view, look like frozen dog poo..

On that note: No, I do not ever wish to receive a cake in the shape of the WhatsApp "Poo" emoji either. I have seen them. With little signs saying "Oh, crap, you are XX years old". No thanks.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Tale of Many Businesses

The following article was written and originally published by Floyd Cowan, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Asian Journeys. While the names and companies mentioned are specific to his business, I echo the content. If I were to swap the names and brands, I could publish it just as well for my own publishing business. Here goes:

What Does a Real Partnership Look Like Between Media & PR Professionals?

This is the first part of at least a two-part series.

As a PR professional do you wonder why it is sometimes so difficult to get exposure for your clients when they’ve got a brilliant product and brilliant message? You send out press releases that are ignored, not being read, or read than immediately deleted. Even when you hit the right medium with the right message, the release might still be ignored.

Why is this?
There are a number of very specific reasons, but before I get to those, let’s look at what some of the good PR people do. I could make a long list of good and outstanding PR people but that would take up all of my space, so I want to give just two examples of people who have impressed me as doing it right.

When I was working for a lifestyle magazine in Singapore, I was approached by Fabien Levrion to help with promotion for the watch brand he was working for. He had studied the media in Singapore and specifically researched writers who wrote about watches. He noted the type of stories they wrote and what type of readers they would probably appeal to. He also studied the magazines. Who was its audience? It didn’t matter that they were rich, but what were their interests? What were the other type of stories in the magazine and who did they appeal to?

From that assessment he  felt that I would give him the type of story he felt was best to promote his watches and be read by the people he felt were the most likely to buy those watches. He was very familiar with the magazine I worked for and the market it reached. His company advertised with the magazine. The result was I got a great trip to Hong Kong and he got the story he wanted. Do we really know if he sold any more watches because of it? Honestly no, but perhaps there was a much better chance than if all those factors had been ignored.

That was a partnership between writer, PR professional, medium, brand and the reader. The reader is also better served when they are delivered stories of value to them.

I hear from too many PR Professionals who are just trying to please their client in the quickest and, easiest way possible. They do not consider this whole process as a deeper partnership between all relevant parties.

There are many good PR Professionals whom I am very happy to work with and some who I will do anything for. Cynthia Dammerer, PR executive extraordinaire for Accor, tops my list. Why? I’ve known Cynthia for 12 years. She is smart and engaging. She knows her product thoroughly and she knows the people who can help her promote the hotels and resorts in the global brand. There are others who are good like this so why does Cynthia stand out? Because she takes an interest in me and helps me wherever she can, even when it has nothing to do with the products and services she is paid to promote.

One example. On my website I promote Douglas Yeo’s autobiography, Zero Visibility, which I ghost wrote and published. When she noticed the ad, she wrote to ask all about the book, she bought a copy and found ways to promote it. All of which have nothing to do with her job and her clients. Every contact with her makes me feel as if she genuinely cares about what is happening with me – because she does? When the pandemic began romping around the planet, she was the first PR person to ask how I was doing.  She calls me with ideas and suggestions.

Have you ever asked yourself why Accor gets so much coverage on Asian Journeys’ website and in the print magazine? Ask no more.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Termed a Coin?

Meanwhile... I am still puzzled over terminology.
Why do we call is social distance. I would use that when I am trying to keep away from a**holes.

We try to limit the spread of a virus. Something medical.
If it was up to me, I would call it "Medical Distancing". Cos that is what it is: a preventive measure not to catch that virus. I am still being VERY social... Online for instance.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Do I miss German

food? Not really?
weather? Sometimes autumn is nice

There is so much of "Home" available all over the world, it really doesn't feel like I am missing anything. Ok, sausages and coldcuts could be a bit more varied here, but when you let a piece of Ritter Sport melt in your mouth, the world looks ok. It says in proud words "Made in Germany".

I am now working my way through these three from the lowest to the highest percentage.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Common Sense. Or is it Just me?

(This is a photo of Shell Fish. If you are allergic to Shell Fish, you may not want to read this)

Maybe I am seeing this all wrong. Perhaps there is a reason. It could be that it has been proven to be a requirement. I am talking about "warnings".

There is now what is called a "Trigger Warning" in some articles / videos. Which is "a statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc. alerting the reader or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material (often used to introduce a description of such content)"

Such trigger warnings can now be found in articles dealing with mass shootings or rapes. (Do note that I am not trying to make fun of either and that this is not about the crimes, the victims or the police work...). USUALLY! the headline already reveals it all. One I came across reads "Okla. Man Sentenced to Life for Holding Stepdaughter Captive for 19 Years, Fathering Her 9 Children"

The Trigger warning came under a picture, saying: "Trigger Warning: This article contains information and details about alleged sexual assault and/or violence, which may be upsetting to some readers. "

What do you think I have already envisioned from reading the headline? You think I would not expect details of a certain nature to be detailed in the article after reading THAT headline?

Same with documentaries about wars warning me that there will be "Scenes of graphic violence." In a documentary about a war. Who would have thought that there could be violence.

Might as well give me a trigger warning that a book contains words.

Thursday, May 21, 2020


In John Wick, Chapter 2 (on Netflix), one subtitle reads

[Intense Music Intensifies]

Kinda what the world feels right now?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Surfer Dude

I wanted either to go bald or to go grey. It is both. I have little hair and what is left is greying. It has also been 10 weeks since my last haircut. To say that I have a messy hairstyle now would be an understatement. I have been there before: as a teenager I never really cared about this. Eventually... It would be time to go and have a trim. But only to stop the nagging and remarks from others.

Going to the office now, the fact that I look like I look hasn't bothered anyone. There are now people posting that they have worn pants for the first time in 10 weeks (Refer to older posts... I have dressed up for date nights).

Today I went to the office for a video recording. Funnily, my counterpart looked more or less equally relaxed. The one thing that may come off this pandemic is that dressing up for work will not be such an issue any more. One can only hope.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Friday Skype Drinks

Right. Here I am. Like everyone else that recently discovered meetings on video platforms. Living abroad now for some 20 years, this is nothing new for me though. I have been calling my parents on Skype and other channels for some time now.

What is new though was the schedule for the "Totally Squeued" sessions. Usually, the boys would meet on Friday, at Sque Bar in Singapore for a couple of pints. Instead, we moved this online.
Andy showed demonstrated his new Hilti. I doubt that he would have taken it along for the regular session. I finally got to know Kevin. Who is not in the screenshot. And we celebrated Mike's sale of a house. Meanwhile, I was questioned for wearing the most ridiculously shirts. Colour and patternwise.

As hard as we tried, we could not onboard (a fancy word I learned recently) the instigator of the "Real Sque Drinks". Floyd remained elusive. He preferred to fetch Pizza.

Fun as these sessions are, we agree that they don't match up with the one held in a real place. Conversations are just not the same as there is no way that or more people can have more than one chat going on in parallel. As you can when you meet at a table, in a place.

Friday, May 15, 2020

What a Nice Surprise!

Marvin is known throughout Asian Trucker for sending in these letters. Some may still remember the times when airmail was so expensive that one used these envelopes made from lighter paper as that would safe some cost. Inside this airmail envelope is a letter, written on an old typewriter that does not even have the "@" and Marvin uses an "a" and circles it in his email address. There is not a single typo in the letter. It is addressed to the right person that would handle his request, so he obviously did his research. The content of the letter introduces him as a collector of PRINT magazines dealing with trucks. He has collected these magazines for the past 50 (!!!) years. He is offering to pay for a subscription. As he does every year. However, I offered him a deal: He gets a stack of magazines in exchange for a selfie of him holding copies of Asian Trucker. Amidst the current situation, receiving this letter almost made my cry as it is such a cool, nice and thoughtful item to receive. We do not get much fan mail, let alone something that is so intricate and full of appreciation. Do write. Send letters. I am sure that any letter you may write today will be the highlight of someone receiving it. In my case, this particular letter will be framed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Weird Wednesday Conversations

Calling my dad:

Me: I am putting together a photo book from our party and I am short of one good picture. Do you have any photos that you took?

Dad: We didn't take any pictures that day. So, what do you need???

Asking Colleague:

Me: I need a scan / copy of the our business registration
Colleague: Here is our publishing license. That work?
Me: No, we need the business registration
Colleague: we don't have anything like that

The company is a Pte Ltd...

Me calling the bank, MAIN BRANCH

Me: There is a discrepancy in my account that I would need to check with you.
Bank fella tella: For that you need to call your home branch where the account is registered

Me calling the HOME BRANCH

Me: There is a discrepancy in my account that I would need to check with you.
Bank fella tella: For that I will need to call our home branch and get back to you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


This is the (zoomed) view from my office. This morning this fella came by and spent a good hour inspecting the place. Later on a second birdie joined and they both looked at our yard. Seems to me as this is a young couple looking for a nesting spot. Might get difficult to do our laundry then...

Monday, May 11, 2020

Not sure What to Say

I might not be speechless very often, but every now and then I have a writers block. Like now. I COULD tell you that we spent the weekend just chilling, not doing much besides watching TV. And how exciting would that be?

But I am also speechless when I go outside to throw rubbish and the first thing I see is a family in a car with the mom holding her infant on the lap, no seatbelt, no child seat.

I will finally shut up when I see that there is now even more rubbish all over. Added to plastic bottles and general litter is now PPE of all types. Sad, considering that this place (Malaysia) is essentially rather pretty. Drains are all clogged up. The sides of the roads around our place peppered with litter. No wonder that the Klang river is one of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Resisted the Temptation

Eight weeks at home and the hair keeps growing. When this thing started, it was two weeks the most since I had the last cut (Clipper No 2, all around). Not that I have a lot of hair. And what little is left is also turning grey.

I had hoped I either go grey or bald. Now it is a mix between both. And neither really nice.

The option I would have now would be to buy a clipper and DIY at home since barber shops are yet to open up again. Harvey Norman has re-opened last week and the one thing that is totally sold out are long hear clippers and beard trimmers. I could order one.

But looking at the way things go, I will still be a little longer at home. I have one Skype meeting a week. Drinks. With them folks in Singapore. And I don't think they care about my hairdo. Besides that, I am mostly working via email or on the phone. Should the the need for visual contact arise, the obligatory Asian Trucker baseball cap would not rouse any suspicion. On the contrary, it might be a familiar, soothing sight for most.

So, there: I keep the hair growing and the headgear close. For now. Money otherwise spend on haircuts will go towards the purchase of a new coffee bean grinder.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Room with a View

This is why I keep the blinds closed these days....

Thursday, May 7, 2020

That Went Fast

ROM + 366.

It has been a year since we got married. And a lot has happened since then. Mostly good, some crazy, some stupid and a lot of amazing moments worth repeating.

Obviously, the day is not going to go as initailly planned as we decided to still stay at home as much as we can. But that won't stop us from having a great day. We ordered some food from Four Seasons Hotel (Venue of reception), got German wine and other goodies.

Highlights of the past year:
- Hokkaido trip
- Our 3-day birthday celebrations with Lang Fing Fang in Singapore
- MCVE 2019
- Oysters here, here and here
- BBQs
- Wedding reception (Code: Go ahead, make my day!)
- Weekend trips north, east and south
- Converting the living room to a Bar / picnic place
- Coloured shirts

And about every day in between, thanks to my companion in life. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Generational Glue

Came across this gem on Netflix. And it was hysterical yet once again. While silly, it was also very smart, witty and entertaining. And everyone that I mentioned this to immediately came back with either "roger, Roger." or "What is our vector, Victor."

Seems that this kind of movie was loved and seen by most of my generation and they all still remember it. Admitted, some of the jokes would never get past the political correctness bar, but if one watches this with the time it was made in mind, then it is ok.

As there is still the Bus and Space Shuttle, plus 3 1/3 Detective Drebin movies, we should be entertained for another couple of days before we tune into UHF and head on over to Spatula City.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Ding Ding!!!

Car, bike, moped, plane, hot air ballon, boat, ferry, gondola and cablecar. All the means of transportation I have tried, yet the Tram in Hong Kong is still the coolest and taking it for a ride every time I am in town is a must.

Sitting upstairs, this gives a great view of the city, looking into the first floor businesses lining the streets, seeing people hustling around at a leisurly pace. The idea of how one would get in from the back and make the way to the front and to pay the same no matter how far one travelled is pure genius. 

Guess Why!!!

Any guesses why I have not finished this (and some other) movies on Netflix?
Seeing how there is a "Continue watching for Stefan", I feel this is really too much reminding me of the bad movie choices I have made in my desperate attempt to fill a Saturday evening in Lockdown.

Saturday, May 2, 2020


If you take the average life expectancy of Malaysian Women and Men and avarage it with the average life expectancy of German Women and Men you get about 76.something years. That is just shy of 4000 weeks.

I have been hidden away for 7 weeks during the lockdown in Malaysia. That is 0.1757 percent of the average life expectancy as an average between Malaysian and German males / females.. ah... whatever.

0.1757 percent of my total life, if I am making it to the statistical average. And in 20 years, I will look back and it was a blink.

Movies and Their impact on Me

While I cannot imagine what it would have been like in that battle, I can tell that this movie might be the most accurate account of it.

I have always sensed that WWII was a touchy subject with my grandparents. They never talked about it. There was hardly any discussion about it. I once asked and my grandma broke out in tears, telling me how amazing it was to finally go on a vacation withe the "Hitlerjugend". A one week summer camp was something her parents could not make happen.

My grandfather fought at the eastern front. Never talked about it. The only thing he ever mentioned was that they washed their clothes in Diesel to kill the lice. According to him, Diesel was the only thing they had plenty of and it would do the job of killing lice and bacteria. Did he kill anyone? Maybe. Never asked, he never said. But if he did, I think it was because he was duty-bound as a soldier, not because of some sinister desire.

My grandfather wanted to see the year 2000. That was his only wish. He survived being a POW in Russia, working 45 years for the same company. He died in just a few years shy of the year 2000, while I was serving the German army....

Every time I see the movie "Stalingrad", I am reminded of the little I know about what my grandparents felt, how they went through this time and what "motivated" them...

Friday, May 1, 2020

Busy Labour Day

Today we should be "celebrating" a special day, dedicated to all the hard working people that have toiled away for centuries. Many would usually just use the opportunity to gather and have lots of drinks.

I put some work in. First in the office, then around the house to clean up old stuff. Actually, there wasn't much to clear out as we keep a rather tidy home in the first place. Finally, I am letting go of some equipment that I haven't used over the past 20 years. Guess should I need it again, I will just re-purchase.

Getting ready to have a few Friday drinks was a bit more work. As I wanted to have my beverages in style, I needed the ice bucket, beer glass, finger food... Now I am excited about the night ahead. Can't get too tipsy. Need to go shopping tomorrow morning and I want to be through the doors right when they open.

In today's Skype Bar night, I am going to a Chinese-run entertainment place. Means I have ice cubes in my beer .

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Superclean Shoes

Floyd even grilled me on the thing I have for shoes. He wants to incorporate this into a novel he is writing. Ok. Fine. Why not...

There is a lot that can be said about shoes. For instance, research shows that shoes are some of the first things people notice when meeting with strangers. If you need proof, just untie the laces of one of your shoes and walk around. You will be amazed by how many people will comment on that. In contrast, you can splatter your necktie with chicken curry and hardly anyone will comment.

When I travel for 3 days, I usually need 4 pairs of shoes. While enroute, something that easily comes off and on. This makes security checks in many countries easier as I may have to take them off. Then I need 2 pairs for the days where I have meetings. As leather needs about 24 hours to dry, one should not wear the same pair 2 days in a row. And lastly, one needs sports shoes for the gym / runs / activities.

When people apply for jobs, I look for well maintained shoes. Not expensive or new. But looked after. My view is, that if you don't take care of something "simle" like your shoes, in business someone will not look after business relationships, the business itself or the brand one is working for. All it takes is some greasing up every couple of weeks and if the heels are worn out, just get a new one slapped on for a little money.

With the lockdown, my shoes are now super clean. They have seen 2 rounds of cleaning with not a single step made with them...

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


With 7.6 billion people on the planet, how many of them look exactly like me?
Depends on where you are looking....

Stuff One Finds Along the Ways

A picture taken in October 2018 when I went for a drink with Hemant Sonney, out someplace in Hong Kong. Don't ya'll wish you had a copy of that now???

Monday, April 27, 2020

Next Level Unlocked

Today I have managed to do 366 squats. One for each day of this year. While that may not be the same as running a half marathon, I kinda feel accomplished.

The goal is to do 501 (the one more just to push further than the initial goal) by end of next week. After that, it is push-ups. Can't skip chest day in all the excitement about strong legs, right?

In other news: nothing much happened. All still locked away in the bunker and waiting for the world to heal.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Unleashing the Old Ways

In many posts, comments and articles we read about the "new way of doing things" we will be practicing after Covid 19 is under control. Sorry, I disagree...

We have been trained to consume. Plus, with the social media, we have a lot of people that need to show off their travels, purchases and expensive meals in order to gain recognition among their peers. Everyone having lived through the lockdown will think they need to make up for lost times.

The vengence shopping will take effect and people being kept away from shopping / experiences will be out in force. My prediction is that restaurants, airlines and hotels will be fully booked for some time as soon as we unleash people again.

Offices will be hip again. While many have hailed the idea of working from home, most of my friends and staff said they prefer to work in an office. And that makes total sense. People want a clear separation between office, home and fun places.

Skype / Zoom drinks are also fun, but trust me, everyone would want to go out again and drink in certain establishments. Some will say they miss the "background" (read: they wanna ogle). Others will miss the idea of being able to just raising a hand and Zappp! the next drink appears whithout a trip to the kitchen. While online chats now allow dozens of people, I still find them awkward. In a real meeting, some 10 people can sit at one table and 4 or 5 discussions form, dissolve, reform... While there are 10 people, some subgroups form. Try that in Zoom where it is hard enough to meet among 3.

Copying from a chat with a friend:

"I wrote my niece and told her we'd party like its 2021. She wrote back: Partying like it’s 2021 will be my new mantra.  Once there’s a vaccine, I want to do a reverse quarantine and not come home for months. I want to drink alcohol out of buckets in Thailand, and then pretend I’m classy by drinking pretentious French wine in Nice. That’s my plan."

While we now admire the clean rivers, dolphins in Venice and turtles hatching on beaches devoid of people, once we are back, pollution will be back and we will continue to destroy nature. After all, despite all the hardship, there are already 25 Million more people on the planet than on 1 January.
Will I exclude myself? Hopefully, but I am sure I too, want to fly again, drive half across the country just for a meal in one of our favorite restaurants and get new shoes.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Storytelling and Drinking

Yes, I said that before: my favorite drink is Glenfiddich.... And when this (Lockdown) is all over, I have to make an effor to get my hands on a bottle of this. Not only do I think that the bottle looks absolutely STUNNING, but the story behind this interpretation is amazing..:

Blast from the Past - Favorite B / W Movies

I was asked for a list of my favorite Black and White / classic movies. Someone must have exhausted all the binge watching on Netflix. The list I came up with was actually a fun one and sharing it here might give others some ideas for a long movie night too. So, here it comes:

The Wages of Fear (French: Le salaire de la peur) is a 1953 French-Italian thriller film (I point out the languages as you want to make sure to view the ENG)

Once you have seen it, you head over and watch “Sorcerer” from 1977 with Roy Scheider. It is the remake, but in my view better in terms of portraying how tense people are.

Casablanca – The movie where so so so many modern sayings derive from.

Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock.
This movie actually started a whole genre with “Suburbia” being a kinda remake and one of Shae LeBeauf’s better movies. But nowhere near to the original. Pay attention to the couple on the fire escape when you watch it the second time.

African Queen – Just a great adventure

It’s a Wonderful Life – I usually see this on Christmas or new year’s eve as it get’s you to reflect. There is a colourised version, but don’t bother with it

Detective Story – In recent years, several movies have been “One Location Movies”, i.e. one room or place only (Saw, Wrecked, Buried). THIS is the mother of them all

Birdman of Alcatraz

Any of the old 1950s Godzilla movies, establishing that Japanese Keiju as the “King of Monsters”

The image is not mine and if you are the copyright owner and would want me to replace it, I will do so.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Getting Fit Like 30 Years Ago

I know you would all hope to see my tanned, muscled and fit body. Sorry to disappoint, but I am not going to put a picture here of me working out in the "home gym".

Resistance training started simple: do as many push-ups as you can, then rest 90 seconds and do as many as you can, then rest 90 seconds... eventually, I made it to 100 push-ups in one set.

Today, I unlocked the next level of "MCO Fitness Goals" (MCO = Movement Control Order, or lockdown): 301 squats. Keeping a strict fitness regime has now become part of everyday life. Something to keep the mind busy is what everyone prescribes.

And with that, one can also debunk that idea that one has no time for a bit of fitness. Or money for gym. Actually, all one needs is a bunch of plastic bottles filles with water, re-purposed washing detergent bottles. A little luxury that is permitted is a yoga mat. and all that is needed is a high intensity, 30 minute session 4 times a week.. Ta-da!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

When the Humans are Off the Street

As a measure to curb the spread of the C19, many nations keep their people inside the houses and movement is restricted to shopping and seeking medical attention. Reports are coming in from all over the world that the animals are re-taking the streets, the spaces humans would normally occupy. Saw this last night and decided that it might be best to keep the curtains closed from now onwards.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Activities at Home - Estate Sale

Trouble with too much time on ones hands is that one comes up with stupid ideas. Today we re-enacted an estate sales. Someone had a house full of stuff to sell and opened up for bidders to come and grab whatever is there in the estate.

What we found under this cover was a perfectly fine 2018 Harvey Norman sofa. Ready to go with the original covers, the feet and extra pillows, which were sold separately as accessories. We grabbed it and dragged it straight into the living room!