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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Many firsts on a repeat visit

When you sit on a plane, you sometimes have a lot of time to reflect. It struck me that the last trip to Hong Kong had been one of "many firsts".  Some of those can be found in a write up that will soon be published in Asian Journeys. I came up with quite a list:

It was the first time I actually sat on an Egg Chair. This one was in my room in the Mira Hotel Hong Kong (, the first Design Hotel I stayed in. My room theme was red as indicated by the sculpture in the lift lobby of my floor. Other rooms have different coloured Egg Chairs.

Later in the evening I had a chat with the bbartender of Room1 in the Mira Hotel. The request for a Gin tonic resulted in 2 firsts: The first time I had a "The London No 1" gin and a "Fevertree Tonic". Check out the colour of the Gin. Special!

Their inhouse restaurant Whisk then whipped up some wicked food: Chili butter. Ok, I knew Garlic butter, but Chili? Great stuff. Need to see if one can buy it someplace. It came with bread and a tomato soup, meant to be served cold and the first time I actually enjoyed cold soup.
Thanks to the Tokoro in Langham Place ( I had my first Japanese Whiskey.

Sometimes you miscalculate, ending up having to buy an extra shirt. This was the first time I had to buy 2!

It is also the first time I am changing the font of my blog posts..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whisky Diary

Last week in Hong Kong was fun. Stayed in an amazing hotel and "had" to review a whiskey bar.
This weekend was and still is very liquid. Friday night I was over at the Vice President of MCBC for dinner. A lot of good food and drinks were had. At the end of the evening (well, morning really), I got home and the bed would not not be standing still when I tried to jump into it.

Last night we then went to celebrate Nadia's birtday, followed by a visit to the Backyeard. We sat out front.. :-). There I was re-enacting the rum diaries. Considering that I have a Sake night on Tuesday, I think the aim for the next 2 days is to stay away from any intoxicating drinks and give the body a chance to recover.