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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Botanical Gardens - A place to rest

This weekend we spent some time in Singapore's beautiful botanical garden. Located near the Orchard Road, this huge park offers a dedicated Orchid Garden, tropical rainforest and lush park landscapes. I followed the house rules "don't shout or disturb the tranquil environment" by simply falling asleep.

As a nice side effect my skin now has the color of my T-Shirt...

In other news: the world's ugliest dog has been voted for:

Congratulations Elwood!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dengue fever - A serious threat?

Two persons died from Dengue fever this year. After the first man died, Singapore has stepped up with the awareness creation for protective measures. There is now busses covered with anti-dengue messages, TV-ads, Taxis are covered with the same message. There is ads in the subway as well as Flyers being sent to our homes. Interesting.

I am not trying to play this down, but in 2006, worldwide less than 200 people died from Dengue. During the same time 182 people died in traffic accidents in Singapore alone. I may guess that many of them were foreign workers that are usually sitting in dozens on the flat beds of trucks. Or the kids that mums have sitting on their laps in the front seat - no seat belt of cours. Poor dad hits something and the kid goes through the windscreen. As 19 people died from dengue (out of 4 million) this is about 10% of the fatalities in roadaccidents, whereby not every Singaporean is moving around on the streets.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Diese Woche: Nuescht passiert

Ok, Sinn und Zweck dieses Blogs ist es, Euch alle auf dem Laufenden zu halten.
Da irdendwie nichts besonderes passiert ist (Oder wollt ihr wirklich wissen, wie hart und lange ich jeden Tag arbeite oder dass wir im Fitness Studio waren??) werde ich auch niemanden mit belanglosem Zeug aufhalten.

Habe ich mir hier grad wiedersprochen, da dieser Eintrag nun wirklich belanglos ist?

Ach ja, leider werden wir es im August wohl nicht schaffen nach Deutschland zu kommen.
Hoffentlich zu Weihnachten... Bitte Schnee sicherstelllen!

Gruess ditsch!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Contribution to save the planet


Here our conrtibution to protect the environment: We are now zipping around the island on our push bikes. Makes it much easier to go for grocery shopping, to the movies, the food court etc. Nice side effect is that one might actually become fit!

These are Trek bikes, same brand as Luis Armstrong... Errr... Sorry, Lance Armstrong uses to win the Tour de Brie. Still have to send in the voucher for the free injections of EPO.