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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Open house!

Posting that you are leaving the house / country BEFORE you leave is dangerous. I don't understand why people broadcast to the whole world that they are on vacation for 2 weeks and hope that everything will be alright since the friend has no time this time to look after the place. May as well post a note that the key is under the mat, as always.

During our recent stay in Germany we went to Hamburg. Imagine that: in broad daylight! The Reeperbahn was not only empty, but non-happening. Guess 3pm is a bit too early for all the birds to come out and prey. But then again, it was a great day to just walk around and explore the city. Starting from the old "Speicherstadt", we made our way to the Alster, had a look at a Japanese brand store (Sure, as if we don't have any Asian brands here in KL...) and onwards to the Rapper Bahn.

Next I want to head to anything with a beach again, or to Vietnam.