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Friday, December 26, 2014

Year End Post

It was an interesting year. This year 2014. A lot of exciting travel. Not that I have SEEN any of Manila, but I can now claim I have been there. The highwight was the IAA in Hannover. I am sure my parents were happy that I left after 3 weeks. Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and a lot of local travel was part of the busy schedule. And the way I see it, the next year will not get any less demanding in terms of trips abroad. To start, Bangkok and Singapore are lined up.

Work-wise I would have never thought that Asian Trucker would become that successful. Which is great. A real keeper that. And a lot of fun. Thanks to some awesome colleagues too. That said, sometimes I wonder how we actually manage to pump out all these magazines, given the clowning around in the office.

Fitness is coming back. BUUUUT! The saying "it comes back quickly" can be rebutted as utter garbage. I have been to the gym for a year now with full energy. And I am still not where I left it some 4 years ago. Give me another year, will ya?

The Blair Toast Project is still on. Just in case you wonder.

And with that, I have fulfilled my promise of posting more again. And there will be more and more now again. Next year I am planning to be back with blogging to old form too!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yes. Soon. I promise

Haiz... The last post has been so long ago. But what do you expect? I am writing so much now that I am not really in the mood to have another "publication" that takes up my time.

But ok, I promise that I will be posting more here again soon. Really. Really really!