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Friday, March 28, 2008

Sports? No need

Health checks are hot sellers here. Various companies offer them. To promote THEIR service, they schedule a free meeting in your office to give you a basic check free of charge. My result, as read out by a person who has not seen a sports facility in 30 year:
- Excellent blood pressure (after 4 cups of coffee)
- Overweight (based on Body Mass index)
- And I should start some excersises, sports that is (aha!)

Facit: Highly unlikely that I go for health checkup with THAT company as they failed to recognize that I am "overweight" because of my excersises!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My next job - Mei Aemiiieeee

I have found my dream job. My next post will be to CSI Miami. Why?
- I work only with the hottest chicks
- I work with the most compent + co-operative cops
- Only the most sizzling chicks, all under 25 yo, will be witnesses
- I can wear designer labels all the time on cop salary
(Looking hotter than Crocket and Tubbs)
- My home is designed by Stark
- The office is more futuristic than the Enterprise
- Home by 5:30
- No sweat, even in Miami heat
- Even to most difficult murder is solved in 3 hours flat
- Corpses never smell
- Evidence is readily available and just lying around everywhere
- Media is nice to cops and sizzling hot (see above)
- Boss always patient and understanding (looks like a turtle with sunnies)
and many, many more reasons

OK, things are being beautified on TV, but this is so far from reality.. How come, this is being voted as "World's best TV Series". In Miami Vice, at least once or twice, also some good guys had to bite the bullet...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

JI Nasi Lemak - The Fugative

With Mas Selamat Kastari - terror detainee-turned-fugitive - still at large I cannot help it but write about it. Here the background:

And here are my thoughts:
- Why would you think he acted alone. He is THE LEADER of a terrorist organization. Wouldn't you think HIS organization might want to help him?

- You think he is a) out of Singapore? or b) hiding in the jungle? Guys, ever heard of a "save-house". If Hollywood can think of such things for their movies, so can terrorist groups. And there he sits, sipping tea, having Pizza Hut and maybe he is calling in some female "companions". I would be hiding in some abandoned houses in Bugis. Or round the corner where we stay.

Taken from the website of the Police: We are feared by those inclined to crime and disorder. We are always ready to deal with any threats to the safety and security of Singapore.
Remember: The guy kind of walked out of a high security prison...

Endlich wieder Malaysien!

Es ist wieder mal soweit. Am Freitag fahr ich nach Kuala Lumpur. Es ist Formel 1 angesagt. Am Sonntag, direkt nach dem Rennen sind wir auf einer indischen Hochzeit eingeladen. Fotos werden wir am Montag danach hier veroeffentlichen.

Picture taken next to our local foodcourt, promoting the local pub (Karaoke...?).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fuehrerscheinpruefung bestanden!

Mann, bin ich stolz! Habe ich doch glatt im ersten Anlauf meine Singaporeanische Fuehrerscheinpruefung bestanden! Muss die Fahrschule Sturm doch nen guten Unterricht gegeben haben! Vroooooooooom

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gimme a break...

Not enough that we have to move out of our home by October, nooooo our landlord also plays up. Less time in the place would not motivate an amended amount for the rent, right? So we have less time to stay here but pay more money. Greed is a wonderful thing. If you are on the right side of the table.

In the meantime I could get a second job at McDonalds just to finance the maintenance of our motorbike. Today the fuelpump died on me. By the end of the year I reckon I have a complete new bike. Sounds totally arrogant, but tomorrow I have to take the subway then. Which is really not convenient any more as many people refuse to take taxis after the recent price rise.

Ok, time to walk the dog. Nicole is on a business trip again this week and I am left with the hairy terrorist named Spike. Last night he woke up EVERY hour, BARKING at the door... Man, don't I have to work?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Minister Mentor Lee and Pertz

Minister Menoter Lee, founding father of Singapore, graced the World Effie Festival with a special speech on Brand Singapore. This is how close I got to him, front row seat and all.

Bikram Choudhuri and Stefan

A snapshot of Bikram (Founder / Owner of Bikram Yoga) and myself.

Taken at the second day of the World Effie Festival 2008 in Singapore