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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Packaging. And Why it Matters

To me, the packaging is not just something to protect the actual product found within. It is part of the product and, in many cases, part of the actual user experience. It doesn't matter what price point something is at, packaging should be given its due consideration. With all that travelling, I am doing, packaging is helpful as I can get a vague idea of the contents. Might be helpful if you buy food items, as you don't want to end up with a selection of animal parts that are meant for reproduction, not refreshment.

Take for instance that bag of chips (or crisps depending on where you drinking) that is impossible to open. You tear and swear. You press and mess. And then, sometimes the pack rips apart all the way and the content spills. Fun looks different.

The opposite end of the spectrum might be luxury goods. Some may find it cringeworthy, but the process of "unboxing" has since become something the people document on video to express their excitement. For some, the unboxing video of an item that they want to acquire may swing their purchasing decision. I think that an item that is north of say EUR 500 deserves a package that is equally exciting. You want to run home and gather the family. Nothing worth than a completely somber and sober unpacking where the container is unceremoniously discarded. One company that does an excellent job in my view is Even though their entry level watches are what might be described as "affordable", the presentation of the entire combo is impeccable and make this watch feel like it is worth twice that.

I keep some packaging. For instance, the box the Royal Selangor Decanter came in. Should I ever move, I can put that thing back into it and transport it with ease. Other packaging might not have any more practical use, but sentimental value. That would be the case for the pack that the tickets for the Singapore 2008 Formula 1 race came in (I also have the SingPost Stamp set to it LOL). 

Some packaging can actually be re-purposed. Wine boxes make for a nice cabinet when corkscrewed together and stuck to a wall. The only thing that is totally incomprehensibel is plastic-wrapped bananas...

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