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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Driving People Map - Part 2

THIS IS THE 100th BLOG-POST! YUHUUU!!!! This must be celebrated!

More ways of driving people in shops and restaurants mad:

- Go to TCC, The Coffee Club and ask for the fee structure and benefits
- To the question"You want yellow mustard" in SubWay you can answer: Red please
(NB: Red and green mustard are plants...)

Here is how KISS - The hardest band in the World - drove Tom Snyder mad:
The best part is when Ace says he is a plumber! This interview is hilarious!

Speaking of which, I am now certifyable mad... Went to Kuala Lumpur on my 150 cc (hundretfifty) bike. On a Friday, thousands of workers try to get home to their families in Malaysia. You stand in a sea of two stroke mopeds and everyone is pushing and shoving... Then -PLOPP- you are through immigration. Malayisan immigration takes 1 minute, opposed to 1,5 hours on the Singapore side. Then it is up north with only 3 petrol stations in between. You miss it, you push the thing 90 km.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home in Kuala Lumpur

I kind of like the view from our home in Kuala Lumpur.
From our living room we can see the Twin Towers and the "Eye on Malaysia", the Malaysian interpretation of a ferris wheel. Smaller, but faster than the Singapore Flyer. And more lively.
We can also see some trains going in and out of 2 stations.
A real nice place to just sit and relax while gazing out of the window. About time I move as well. I am left alone in Singapore with 2 Laptops and a cheap attempt of a bed. Plus a plunger to make coffee. That's not a lot.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Die Koffer sind gepackt

Vor 2 Wochen haben wir unsere neue Wohung in Kuala Lumpur gefunden. Dieses Wochenende haben wir unser Hab und Gut in Kartons gepackt und warten nun auf Abtransport. Nicole ist heute morgen abgereist.

Morgen kommt die Moebelspedition und holt unsere Sachen ab. Am Donnerstag darf Spike dann auf grosse Reise gehen. Ein Haufen Papierkram und Theater...Was macht man nicht alles?

Ich werde dann am 18 July um 22:30 nach Kuala Lumpur aufbrechen um die Moebel an die richtigen Stellen zu schieben, Bilder aufhaengen etc. Am Sonntag geht es dann wieder nach Singapore. Bis ich dann von meiner Firma das gruene Licht bekomme bleibe ich erstmal in Singapore. Da unsere Moebel komplett in Kuala Lumpur (heisst uebrigens schmutziger Fluss) sind werde ich dann mal den Japaner spielen und auf dem Boden schlafen.

Werde ich Singapore vermissen? Klare Antwort: Jein.
Es gibt Dinge die machen hier einfach Spass. Wirklich witzig finde ich es, dass wir die Nebelhoerner der Schiffe hoeren, wenn es Abends ruhig ist. Auch sehr schoen ist die Lage unserer Wohnung, da sehr ruhig, viel Gruen, 3 Minuten zum Supermarkt, 5 bis an den Strand.

Auf der anderen Seite haben wir Singapore gesehen, Mieten steigen ins Uferlose und das Essen schmeckt wirklich ueberall gleich. Immer was zu meckern, ich weiss...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 is online

As of last night, my blog is also online on
The content is identical to the stuff on but hopefully easier to remember.

See you there!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Christmas in July

We (Kersten, Nicole and I) are going to see the first ever Formula 1 night race in Singapore live. The tickets were ordered on the day they became available and yesterday I picked them up.
Initially I was disappointed. A lot of trouble. Going to the post office, bring your ID...and no mention of goodies such as stickers etc. For Sepang, the tickets are like oversized movie tickets.

But boy! If the tickets are just a sign of what is to come, then we are in for a treat. Our tickets came in a box. when opening the box I found that each ticket (Hang on to the word TICKET) was presented in a nice box itself. Top notch printing and presentation, nice design. I opened one of them and each ticket (wwwwwooooowwww) comes as 3 tickets. Each day of the event has its own plastic card, with lanyard (neckstrap). The three tickets have different motives and sit in holders in the said box.

I am so amazed by this outstanding way of how the packed up a "simple ticket"!
This is by far, the best way I have ever been given a ticket. Mind you, these tickets are not cheap and I think Singapore GP has gotten it right here. Seldom you hear that, but my expectations have been exceeded. By far. Let's hope the race is as excellent.