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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chaos Central

Came back from Hong Kong just to go through the same choas as Doug the other night.
So, you arrive at 12:30am in LCCT (I am now referring to it as Chaos Central). The luggage is not on the carrousel it should be. Other passengers don't believe you when you say that this is luggage from Sri Lanka, not Hong Kong. 4 minutes later someone checks and 200 people run from left to right and another 200 from right to left.

Of course, the ATMs don't work at this time of the day. Why actually? The kiosks where they sell taxi coupons don't use cards, they only accept local cash. Sure, why make it easy by offering credit card or local debit card payments??? So, unless you bring money along, you CANNOT get away from the airport. Lucky for us, Doug still had some.

While we cue up at the taxi stand, the women from the bus countrer are yelling accross the hall, trying to sell their bus tickets. Thanks, we skip that. Busses usually leave only 45 minutes later, take twice as long and you have to be scared of all the creepy crawlies on board...

Well, if I wanted to tell you about the discussion with the cabbie regarding a small detour, I would need another 2 pages. Let's just say it was no fun at 2:30am...

Joys of international travel.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hong Kong here I come again

Just realised that I booked an earlier flight. Now rushing to the airport.
Next 3 days in Hong Kong, after I return to KL, I have a busy schedule.
Right away, Wednesday morning I am heading to Melakka.

I still have to re-direct the blog to my original URL... Too many things to do.

See you all!