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Friday, August 31, 2007

Published - At last!

The other day, a publisher sent me a mail, saying they would like to publish one of my assignements as a book. Currently it is available as E-Version on . My assignment on Tom Peters, "The Guru in me" will be printed shortly.

This means it will have an ISBN and the outline will be available to 6.000 bookdealers.

Pulitzer here I come!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is going on?

A lot! Please watch this space as we are up to a lot of things.

We are planning a visit to Hong Kong for the Marco Polo Oktoberfest, we are throwing away our alarm clocks as Spike is waking us up at 6:00am sharp every morning and we have wood worms in our furniture. The shop will now bring the 4th (!!) coffee table as the entire batch was infected.

Movies no one needs, but we have rented (waste...):
- Pathfinder
- Wicker man with Nick Cage
- The Reaping

Speaking of which... Bourne Ultimatum... Highly acclaimed, the movie event of the Millenium: Hey, there are ways to hold the camera stable. Watching the movie I got seasick, cos the picture is so shaky. Perhaps that was meant to create some extra drama or the effect that one is deeply into the action. Well, this movie did not do it for me, other than having an excuse for popcorn.

Here is for those who still know what a book is: Dick Francis, Forfeit. Ok, written in the 60s, and maybe no one can remember what a typewriter is and why the main character has no mobile phone (Guys, remember Ryder Hook, the Nova Man? He was living in the future and had no Credit Card). Anyway, great plot and lives by developing a rich character.

In other news...There is a guy on the radio telling about his hobby, which is collecting vacuum cleaners. Liked the poll on, asking what hobbies people have. One wrote she is collecting pictures of road kill and she has this amazing image of a cute Kangoroo ran over in Nothern Territories. Once I wanted to collect fried eggs. Perhaps I really should?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Once a month

For the 8th time this year we are headed to Malaysia. This time we will spend a long weekend in Taiping, thanks to the National Day in Singapore. The trip will start on Wednesday night and we will be back on Sunday.

While Hong Kong is suffering from a Typhoon 8 warning, Malaysia is hot and steamy as always.

As for activities we have planned a trip to the Cameron Highlands, visiting a tea plantation and to buy strawberries, eat strawberries, then buy more stawberries. And other exotic stuff. Like onions, garlic, flowers and such. Hey, you have to make the most of a 200km ride just to buy and eat strawberries... Maybe another day trip will take us to Pulau Pineng (Penang) or to Butterworth for all it is worth.

Since Spike the nerve wrecker is in a pet hotel in Singapore, we can actually sleep in a bit.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New family member: Spike

As of last week, there is now three characters in da House. Spike is a "Silky Terrier", 3 month old and comes with a long lasting battery for the barking. Bark timer usually kicks in at 22:00 and stops at 11:00... 2 Kg of pure energy and poo-power...

Later we gonna buy some purple and pink ribbons, T-shirts and a give him a hair-do. Just kidding.