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Monday, September 27, 2021

Music in my Booze

Going to a bar is not just about getting tanked up. One can always learn something. Like in the case of a visit to this hidden gem: What the bartenders are doing there is to pipe music into these headphones. The sound / vibrations actually have an impact on the Whiskey stored inside, altering the taste. Don't believe it? Go and try!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021



Monday, September 13, 2021

Times are a-changing!


Back in my days, we were all rebels, anarchists and generally a rowdy crowd. We were not constrained by rules. Or regulations. We got our bearings on how to behave at home and school was a place where rules did not exist. How times have changed! ;-) 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Ahead of Times!


Considering that the event has yet to happen, I am impressed! Not sure if I should be worried that this service is approaching the organiser of said event, which would clearly have this info. But then again, I am sure that someone will be falling for this.

I find it fascinating how many people fall for online scams. Like that winning lotto ticket that you never bought. Or 750 Euro bank fees to release a 10 000 Euro payment...

Maybe this kind of thing should be part of school curriculums to teach people how to be alert and question these things?

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Too Simple?

Somehow, I am not getting used to the "New Normal". Xxxxson managed to sell me a pair of pants. Which you cannot try in store as the fitting rooms are closed. Risk of infection. Someone needs to tell me how the risk of contamination is lesser when I drag these things home were several people touch it, it sits around in my place, gets moved here and there and in some case kids play with it etc...

But ok, 7 days to change the thing. Exiting the store I checked for opening times, where it said 10am action starts.

Needing to change the pants I dashed to the mall at 9:50. In, exchange that thing and out. Just that I had to find out today that the shop only opens at 11:00. While all other shops open at 10:00 That was an expensive hour I had to spend in the Mall....

How hard can it actually be to put a correct sign out?

Besides: I will put on the disposable gloves that shop asked me to use. But PLEASE! Put the waste bin on the side of the door where you want me to exit as there is a one way system in place. 

Groan! As if shopping is not stressful enough. 

Edit: Besides, I have yet to figure out how: drive to mall, buy something, drive home, try, drive to mall to change, then drive home


Order online, have it delivered, send it back, get another one delivered

is more environmentally friendly than "Buy something that fits while you are there anyway".

Monday, September 6, 2021

Hidden in Plain Sight


"Generally, Speakeasy Bars are bars behind closed doors offering exclusive cocktails and food menu items in a restricted environment that is only accessible to a few. ... Many believe the "Speakeasy" concept has origins back to the first decades of the 20th century, in the city of New York during prohibition."

It is the idea that you need to know where the entrance is and how to get in. There are some tricky ones. "Private and Confidential" for example in Desa Sri Hartamas. I literally stood right in front of the door once, touching it, not knowing that it is the way in. 

Just how cool would it be if one had managed to run an underground bar like that through the lockdown. Something that only true insiders know and that is not advertised anywhere. Not on Faccebook or Instagram. Imagine such place would have been open the last 18 months and people from the hood would sneak into, not bragging about it, not telling many. Something in a back alley, down some stairs and around a corner. With a hidden buzzer and no light over the door or any other tell-tale signs.  Maybe with the suppliers sending the booze and food to several different apartments and someone comes to consolidate...Like a real underground network!

Now, THAT would be a speakeasy!

Friday, September 3, 2021

10 000 Steps AND being a Nice Person


Can't go to the gym? No way to workout at home? Well, here is an idea: bring your shopping trolley back to the collection station that the supermarket has kindly provided. As we can see in this picture, this may add 100 steps, which may not seem like a lot, but hey! every little counts. Another plus is that you get to spend more time in fresh air, get some sun so your body can develop Vitamin D etc. 

Besides, the poor sod that these 2 champions have running around chasing empty trolleys might appreciated it. Sure, someone gets paid bla bla... But, being a nice person has its perks as the kindness will usually be returned. 

Want to see if you are an a**hole? Take the trolley test:

The anonymously penned Shopping Cart Theory, the precise origins of which are shrouded in mystery, posits that what you do with your shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot speaks greatly to your personal character. Do you leave it where you parked or do you return it to the cart corral, saving a hapless grocery store employee the time it takes to collect it and protecting others’ cars from damage? There is no dire emergency preventing you from returning the cart, and the only impetus to return it is your willingness to adhere to the social contract; no one is forcing you, even if only to get your quarter back.

Sourced from: 

And while you are at it... See that yellow number-thingy? Yeah, the one that the shop has 30 of in order to let 30 people into their premise? The one that you COULD bring back so that another person can get on with their shopping....? Yes, best you return that too, otherwise you are 2-timing... you get the gist.

These were just 2 of about a dozen trolleys scattered around. Tells you something.