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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dying lights of 2008

The last hours of 2008 are here.
We are going to stay at home. Half the roads in KL's city center are closed and traffic jams have been rampant since 3pm. We will be able to see the fireworks for the pool anyway, so no need to get into the frenzy around town.

Let's see what the next year will have in store for all of us. Hopefully we will overcome the "financial crisis". Judging by the shopping behaviour, there is no such thing. And if taxi drivers can still afford to tell you that they don't want to take you to where you want to go... well...

Wishing all of you all a Happy New Year! Spike, Nicole and The Pertz.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We are having a Paaar teeeeee

Christmas eve in Malaysia. What do you do? You throw a house party. Since we don't have any neighbors, there is no problem with noise. Plus there are plenty of people around that don't really celebrate Christmas, or like the odd foreigner that doesn't want to take the strain of the long trip home.

So we send out a targeted, highly effective message (SMS blast to everyone in our phone), followed up by an interactive campaign (MSN chat) and people started pouring in (the power of marketing LOL). We had a nice buffet with German Potato salad, chicken, satay, bread, cheese and so on and on and on.

Was a good party after all... No one misbehaved (Which is usually me)... or broke anything (which is usually me). No one spilled anything (Which is... righ, usually me). Everyone got home alright I hear. As we had some guests staying, I had to share the couch with Spike. He was not happy (Usually, that would have been me).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plant a tree for Christmas

I saved you from a postcard, not wasting energy and resources for the card, the stamp and the transportation of it. Instead I have planted a tree. I found a nice spot right in front of our house.

Hopefully it will grow strong and old and people will remember me when they see it in the decades to come.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three stories, one moral

As I am sitting in my second office, the overwhelming noise of Christmas carols crashing down on me, I muse...

What do the songs about "Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer" and "Sk8ter Boy" from Arvill Lavarine (or whatever her name is) and the story of the "Ugly Duckling" have in common?

Right! They all criticise society for judging people to early. Think of it: Everyone just loooves the song about Rudolph when sipping your Mucho Grande Green Tea Vanilla Frappuchino, Skimmed milk with low fat cream. But how did Rudolph get to that place? First he had to be an outcast. Red noses are not exactly the flavor of the month, so he gets all the nasty pranks played on him by the herd. Suddenly, tada! he is Santa's best buddy and all the other deer-nerds forget that he is such an weirdo and love him.

Three stories, one moral: Make it to fame, fortune or looks and everyone loves you.
Someone may actually write a song about you and play it aloud in the coffee place for merry christmas to everyone. To help with becoming famous, you may visit this shop:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A boy named Sue - I am not!

I can understand that my last name is being mis-spelled once in a while. But my first name?
How come that I am almost always addressed as either Stephan or Stephen???

S-T-E-F-A-N.. .so simple... lucky my name is not Xanthippe or Xavier...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oasis of tranquility

Next to our place is this huge part. A condo (The Maple) is nestled inside and we just found out that it is actually a public park.

I went for a run in the park yesterday adn found this to be a refreshing departure from all the consumption driven places around Asia. No admission fee, free of charge benches and visit to the International Koi Center.

It was a gloomy day with no sunlight. Some of the buildings in the park are left-overs from the previous owners, the railway. These stand next to the shiny KL Performing Arts Centre. The atmosphere was electric,... ponds, rustling trees, free roaming ducks and lush green gras. The place was basically empty. No wonder, it competes with the KLCC Park where families gather to take pictures for the family album with the Twin Towers in the background.

However, it beats KLCC park or the doggy poop and drig infested Fondel (Vondel) Park in (H)Amsterdam.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Stefan Pertz launches Launchpad

Founded by Stefan Pertz, B2B marketing specialist and former account director for a B2B advertising agency, Launchpad provides outsourced marketing services for companies in the region and for western companies moving east. (launching mid December) (currently under construction)
This was possible with the help of a number of great people around me. I am greatful for those who have bounced off ideas with me, assisted me with the right directions or put in some hard work. Though I will not list them here, I am sure they know who they are. The success of Launchpad is due to your support; THANK YOU!