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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Year-round Summer in the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Visiting one of the latest editions to the luxury hotel scene in town, Stefan Pertz writes back a picture postcard.

The opening of the Four Seasons hotel in Kuala Lumpur has been long anticipated. One could measure the distance to the iconic Twin Towers and the shopping mall, Suria KLCC (typically referred to as just KLCC, which means Kuala Lumpur City Centre), but it is sufficient to say that the tourist attraction is literally just on the other side of the road. The building itself is referred to as the Four Seasons Place, an integrated complex housing commercial property, apartments and the hotel. It is the first Four Seasons Place in South East Asia and currently the third tallest building in Malaysia.

While the frontage facing the main road is dedicated to the shopping complex underneath the hotel, a separate entrance facing KLCC and its park beckons guests. Plenty of hotel staff are always at hand to usher in visitors and to set them onto their journey to the sixth-floor lobby. While there is an easy access from the ground floor lobby to the shopping mall, the separation ensures that the hotel still feels like one.

Not everyone will travel with children, but the hotel’s thought of them is worth a remark. At a special check-in counter, junior and filia can register their stay, offering a playful entrance into the premise. Lots of marble, space and light welcome the visitor. Abundance of staff makes it a breeze to get the keys. With a lot of space come a lot of options and it can be opined that the placement of the concierge is a clever one as it is away from the check-in, thus spreading the guests out, reducing congestion around the counters. From here, one can access the other facilities of the hotel.

The Lobby Bar, although unceremoniously named for ease of remembering it so it seems, is another hangout that offers stunning views, lots of space and, with what feels like a dash of colonialist grandeur, style. Hectic just washes off the guests as hi-tea, high balls and haute cuisine is served.  Through it, beyond the round sofa settings, locates Bar Trigona. Here, engulfed in splendour, await hand crafted cocktails, another stunning view and, of course, more cosiness. Spaciousness dominates this place as well. Facing west, the sunset tipple could not be any more glorious with lots of marble, mirrors and Martinis.

Those fortunate enough to enjoy the club floor will have another lounge to choose from as their space to hang out, work or to have a meeting. Overall, the hotel gives more of a holiday vibe than pretending to be a business hotel and the club floor might be the best option to host a meeting or to have a discussion.

Whenever possible, guests should ask for a park view as that is a sight to behold. The Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur is facing the iconic Petronas Twin Towers from across the park. Full surround view of the skyline, with many creatively lit buildings, is the view one would want during night as a background for the stay. When staying here, one should opt for the suite, while one is at it. These are cleverly designed and modern abodes. Giving the impression of an apartment more than that of a hotel room, they are certainly worth the extra cash. In terms of functionality and facilities inside the rooms, the hotel clearly exceeds expectations. Not often would one want to mention the bathrooms, but the suites have a separate, smaller toilet so that one can make a quick stop on the way out. In the bigger suites, the toilet lid opens automatically upon entering the cubicle.

Vacationers can relax, knowing that there is a spa, pool and gym as well. Taking up an entire floor, the wellness facilities are well equipped too. The pool is overlooking Jalan Ampang, giving loungers the same view as from Bar Trigona, minus the Martinis (or maybe with, when ordered from the pool bar). The setting is a serene one, thanks to the gazebos flanking the water. The spa itself features Mesotherapy, the latest advancements in science and electrotherapy for the skin and body.

Although Malaysia is a food heaven, some may opt to dine in or to have a hi-tea in the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. The menu, while not exaggeratingly exotic, there are some fresh twists to some of the dishes. As one can expect, the quality is top not and the service is on par. The flexibility and creativity show when the chef is asked to put together a menu for a function with the aim to leave the guests in attendance in awe and wanting to come back for more. Speaking from experience, parts of the postcard deals with how the kitchen impressed at an event, held recently by the writer.

The good folks at this hotel are also up for a bit of fun and games. During the aforementioned event, the host wanted his guests to have an easy deal with drinks to be put on the host's tab. A code was arranged and given to the hotel staff. Anyone showing up, murmuring the famous "Go ahead, make my day!" would be give a drink. A number of people could be seen mimiking a famous cop by pointing a finger-gun at the bartender...

There is nothing more refreshing than a good breakfast after a relaxing sleep on the generously dimensioned matrasses. Heading down to the sixth floor again, one will find oneself in yet another light-flooded and cosy ambience. Lots of marble, lots of choices and plenty of good vibes set travellers onto the right trajectory for the day, being it business or shopping. The spread covers various types of cuisine and offers something for everyone. Even if the scrambled eggs are so good that one has just that, three times in one sitting.

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