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Friday, March 14, 2014

Of quiet dogs and noisy places

The idea was to move to a place where there is less traffic. Not that difficult considering that right down from the bedroom was a major traffic artery with 5 lanes. Now that this is 40 Km away, it is dogs that keep me awake. Strangely, dogs would be sleeping most of the day, not bothering with anyone passing by. Wait till night falls.

The other day the "Outdoor Dog" barked for 3 hours at a squirrel across the street. Like that is gonna be a threat to the house or the non-existing valuables in the home.

Barking competitions typically start at 3am and will last for hours. Don't you love it when your folks communicate?

So, off I go to meet people in a Restaurant / Bar. Nice and relaxing as many (if not most) people are too busy staring at their smartphones and hardly talk to each other.

Biggest news this week is a missing plane. Now, how can a plane vanish without ANY trace. Give it 2 or 3 years and someone will make a movie out of this.