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Thursday, April 7, 2022

A Diet that is Hard to Dis-like

Dietitian says that we need to have more meat in our diet if we want to drop some KGs. Seeing how the BMI and body fat is a bit on the high side, I am more than happy to follow instructions. 

So, here is day 1 of my new, meat-heavy diet. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Pertzi 500


THIS IS IT!!!! This is post number FIVE HUNDRED. Yes, you right that read. I have put down 500 posts here. Mostly: well, silly stuff. But nontheless. 

As you will notice, there has been a loooong gap from the last time I posted. I was actually thinking very hard about what I could post here. I wanted to make the 500th post something extra special. But then... nothing really smart came to mind. While I think there hasn't been much excitement, you, my dear follower, reader and fan, might think differently. I just tend to think that what I am doing is neither special, nor exciting. But then again... I am doing a lot of stuff. 

500... Cheers to that. 

Photo was taken in MeatFeds. Some place I have yet to try for their food. But the Portuguese wine we grabbed for a family gathering was apparently quiet something.