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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Investment? Theft protection? Recurring Theme?

Who would have thought that toilet paper is going to be such a hot topic? And suddenly it is precious!

Last year I came home with a "value pack" of 30 rolls. I was a little bit ridiclued. In all fairness... who buys 30 rolls of toilet paper in one go for a 2 person household? Well, now you know who would. Yes, you!

Meanwhile, we still have plenty of that stuff left. As well as canned food as we always keep luncheon meat handy. Goes well with salad.

Good thing: with that much toilet paper in the house, I am no longer worried anyone would break in and steal something that is of value to me. I will just leave a roll or two on the cabinet.

Seems that I am actually a lil obsessed with that hole subject anyway.

I posted this:

And here:

Before that, the same roll was made famous here:

And then there is this gem of the world wide web:

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