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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rolocation notice - Wir ziehen um

Two things will happen shortly:
This blog will move to (in a week)

We (Spike Pertz, Nicole and me) are going to live in Malaysia.
Yesterday we singed the lease agreement for our new home.
The place is a newly developed condominium and we are the first tenants.

Feel free to visit us, we got guestrooms.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shoot me!

On Saturday we met Chian, a Singapore based photographer, whom I met while staying in "InCityLofts". We fooled around with the camera and some props he had flying around and the result...Well, see for yourself. You may also check out his portfolio:

The studio is located in a former school. Lots of stairs, no lifts. However, a breezy, nice bar in the schoolyard. as it is a bit hidden, it is quiet. Good place for business meetings if you want a quiet place with some atmosphere to it. You could walk up the stairs from Orchard Road. But then you would be soaked by the time you get there. Better take a cab

Sunday, June 22, 2008


WOW!!! Wer steckt den dahinter? Wenn das mal nicht nen absolutes super Line-up ist.

Wer spendiert mir nen Flugticket nach Deutschland????????

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kha at Hort Park

We went to see Kenny at Kha @ Hort Park ( last night. The Thai restaurant is one of three restaurants Kenny is handling when it comes to events.

Hort Park is a plant nursery where they grow plants to be transferrred to places accross the island. Kha is situated on top of the park with a pool stretching across the lounge area. While you sit and sip you can marvel at the greenery, forgetting you are in a mega city.

The setting reminded me a lot of Bali, with the nature around you and all the birds, cicadas and gekkos adding to the atmosphere.

Guest of honour: While we were having our drinks, Minister Mentore Lee Kuan Yew came to visit Hort Park!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Up and away

The newspaper reports today that the Singaporean Government has not extended the rights to use the site near Bugis Junction to host the DHL Balloon (Pictured above). We have been on that balloon when Kersten was here last time. Fantastic! Last ride is 3rd August. I am going to miss that huge blimp. Such a nice sight when you sit in your office and the balloon pops up between the high rise buildings. Singapore Ducktours, the operator, was offered a replacement site in Jurong which they politely rejected. Good on them! I would have punched someone in the face for offering a new site away from ANY action. Too bad people coming to see the F1 in September won't have a chance anymore.


In other news: A 19 year old, with a obsessive compulsory disorder with voyourism, was sentenced to give up his mobile phone with a camera for 12 months. He was found to have taken a video of a woman changing in the toilet of the airport. No one said he cannot have a CAMERA! These days they come with video function too and phone calls from the airport to local numbers are free anyway! So you think he will go on playing peeping Tom?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dystopia coming????

To be honest, I am scared. Real scared. Those who know me know that this is a first.

The world is falling apart. Rapidly. Apocalyptic visions flash before my eyes. Malaysia is clamping down on fuel tourists. Rice prices soar. Terrorists are still at large. Oil prices are going bonkers! NB: Petrol is not all that is made from crude oil. Screw the fuel, how about my plastic bags in the shopping center! Glaciers melt in record time and heavy metal bands cut their hair!

Make sure Max Rockatansky is a good friend of yours!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Elmo!!!

StrategiCom is a very special place. Every member of staff either picks or is "awarded" with a comic/cartoon character. A manifestation of corporate culture and shared believes so to say. Anyway, short story made long. Today is "Elmo's" birthday and we all celebrated with coffee and cake while sporting Elmo T-Shirts from the local night market.

Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

De Bono is right - After all

Ok, so many academics don't really like Edward de Bono. Why is that? I don't care.
Basically, I can only agree with his idea that our lives have become too difficult with all the "things" that are supposed to make our life easier (in his book called simplicity). De Bono says we should simplify our lives.

And that is exactly what I am planning to do. Let's streamline the household. What works in the corporate world surely must work at home too. Get rid of everything that makes life difficult or complicated. I am sure there is a lot of potential in this to free some more "quality time" to be spent on useful things, or simple relaxation.

Not sure where to start and what to dump first, but I am sure there will be something.
Maybe I start with stopping to blog? After all, this is making things complicated. Naaaaa just joking.