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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life dictated by a website

"Unfriend" someone on Facebook whose posts you find annoying? A new study finds that that person may avoid you, forever.

I am sorry folks. Just because I don't really care about your eating habits or the poop your kid did this morning doesn't mean I can't be your "friend" anymore. It is sad to see how much influence the so called "modern communication" ha! has gained.

There are groups of people I am dealing with. There are some I would never go out with for a drink, others I would not want to go on a vacation with. And yet others don't need ot be on my "Facebook". But as for the latter, I may want to engage otherwise with them.

Whereever you look nowadays, there are groups of people sitting around tables, everyone engrossed in their own gadget. Sad.

This post was written while I was alone, waiting for 2 people that are NOT in my friends list on Facebook. We'll have a blast of a time. I promise.