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Sunday, November 17, 2013

That black, dark hole

Five years. It started with Floyd saying "Assess what you have. Not in terms of money, but other things and your abilities!" From there sprung the idea to start Launchpad. What it meant was a lot of polishing door-knobs and meeting people and long hours on weekends. It also meant "entertaining" clients. Read "Getting drunk in the presence of people that may sign a cheque".

While the business took off, the fitness level nose-dived. The 5Km run previously used to wam up is now a major obstacle. However, as we are now settled, I am getting back into shape and out of that black dark hole. Went for a work-out with Kamlesh on my last trip to Hong Kong. What would have been an easy warm up routine a feew years back had me at the point where I was about to just walk out on the training...

New running shoes are ready and tomorrow morning I am breaking them in. Time to get back on track. But first we are going to have Mojitos on the front lawn of the house. Cheers!