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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Getting It Right!

Right after our vacation in Hokkaido (Japan, yes, that one) the missus asked where we should go to spend our birthdays. I suggested Osaka (Japan, yes, that again). She asked why I would want to go there and what the obsession with the place is.

The answer is simple: things just work. If the schedule says the bus arrives at 8:19, it arrives at 8:19. Items listed in the food menu are actually available. Even without local language skills I get to buy / see / experiene what I want to.

In some ways, the place is a bit quirky. For instance, a local shoe brand has 2 lines. One offers shoes made in Japan, the other looks similar and the products are made in Indonesia or Vietnam. Japanese are known for a lot of things, but not for being overly tall. It comes very much as a surprise that a specific model we wanted was not available in a small size for the locally made range. Trust me, Mrs Pertz is of normal height and her feet are equally average.

Then again, they have a allohol vending machine in the hotel. I think they just get some things very right.

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