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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I love about my work

I love my work. Simply because I have the privelege to see things that you would normally not see or experience. Like the view from this construction site. My client hired me to assist with a photo shoot and we went up and down new buildings before they were completed.

Or like the Argo. Seeing a product before it is available to the public is something special Knowing what is the next big thing or being involved in what companies are planning to do is really exciting. Like for my clients I know what they are thinking of doing the next weeks, months and years.

Someone said in an article that accounting is boring. Well, shame on that person. Different things do different things to persons. I can see how an accountant gets excited when all the figures click into place. Maybe that person thinks that the pictures I took are boring, cos it is just concrete, glass and metal...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jobs that aren't fun

I snapped this picture yesterday at Sepang International Race Course, while watching the practicing for the Formula 1 Race. Is this a confusing message or what? A "Smoking Forbidden" sign in a stall selling Cigarettes??

Right now we are checking if there are any labels on our bed, forbidding us to sleep on it, pots we are not allowed to cook with and cars that should not drive on roads.