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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Take away from Bali

Nicole had some food poisoning on Bali. It took me until Friday before it struck me too.
Two days in bed and I had to take a Taxi to get to the doctor, which is 500 meters from where we live. Because of this, I had to cancel my next trip to KL (Trees and highway).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As posted earlier, we have been on vacation. We went to Bali and stayed in Ubud, the cultural center of the island. Our place was nestled within rice fields with a river running right in front of our villa. No TV, miles from the town it was a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

We treated ourselves to a spa session, candle light dinner, a trip to the vulcanoes, visits to temples and some food poisoning thrown in for good measure. Nicole that is... but she is alright now. I looked kinda funny with a sorong. I guess I prefer a kilt.

The climate is really nice with a bit of a chill in the evenings. People are really friendly and helpful while the landscape is just breathtaking. As for the beach, don't ask us, as we stayed away from the busy places with all the binge drinkers. What we have seen is rice, rice and more rice. Brown, white, black, before, while and after harvest.

The funniest bit is the currency as two pieces of clothing can cost you more than a million. And we are talking non-label clothing. You just can't get rid of that stuff as every time you pay for something, you get a dozen notes back. My wallet is still swollen.

By the way, Jetstar airways now provides food on the trip between Singapore and Bali.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Endlich URRRRLAUB!! 5 Tage Bali. Villa mit eigenem Pool!
Finally VAAACATION!!! 5 Days Bali. Bungalow with own Pool!
Please note: I won't check any e-Mail and the phone is so off you would not belive it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Climate Control

Recently, after signing a UN Global Compact, there are a number of activities that are supposed to stop global warming:
- Entire nations to wear green t-shirt (Which have to be produced first most likely)
- A concert that goes for 24 hours, with stars flying in with their private jets...

Great! Will this make a difference? Sure does: T-Shirt manufacturers and record labels will be jumping for joy!

Here is what i am doing:
- Use my own fabric back. Yes, the same i am using for the past 7 years and that i have taken to UK, HK and Singapore. NB: Whenever we go shopping there is two types of shoppers. A) Expats from the west, that bring their own bag and carry it proud like Oscar B) Locals and their maids that have a plastic bag for every item, then bagged again... 10 items = 15 bags.

- Switch of electric appliances. I love the Skyline of Hong Kong. - I really do. But is the lighting show really nessecary every night, escpecially in view of what is happening around us? Are all these neon lights important (Maybe the ones in Wan Chai - agreed)

- Take the push bike whenever i can. Look at Hong Kong and Singapore: Double-Decker busses, 100 seats, 3 passengers! Just great.

- I am buying quality products that last longer or might be worth fixing. This way the re-buying cycle is prolonged and there is less waste.

- Use rechargeable batteries

- I only print what really needs printing. Also I only take flyers that contain information that is important (Usual behavior: Grab any piece of paper someone shoves in your hands and discard at the next bin without even looking at it)

Folks, a concert and a green shirt worn on any day that someone proclaims as the "save the world by wearing a green t-shirt day" won't make a difference...Get real, it is up to everyone, all the time!

Post Scriptum: There are now 1000 people allowed as SPACE TOURISTS! Great...! How much pollution does the start of a space going rocket cause?