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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pertzi's Honest Travel Hacks and Rants: Light Switches

Some hotel rooms have more light switches than a three-story mansion. They can be confusing, inconvenient and occupy a guest for quite some time. There is a switch near the door that will toggle  the room light, but there is no switch at the bed that turns the lights off. But you can switch on the lights in the bathroom from the balcony. Why, ah? In some hotels the light switches are so hidden that you have to call for help. When that recently happened to me, the poor staffer made it sound like he was coming up to rooms to be greeted by confused guests at least nine times every night. When he showed me it was like "Duh!" A simple sticker would have saved a lad a lot of lumbering about. Management seemed to enjoy that, though. My suggestion for a sign, a sticker or a re-location of the switch was met with a shrug. As in “nobody ever finds that switch, but hey…"

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