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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hong Kong - Surprisingly familiar

Off we went to Hong Kong on a biz trip. It was the best Hong Kong could offer in terms of excitement. Taiphoon warning, a surprisingly cosy hotel with harbour view and some great food. Some. We missed the Dim Sum. But we will come back for that later.

Amazingly, we bumped into friends. How do you do that in a city with 7 Million people milling about?

Few things have changed. Unfortunately, Union Bar & Grill is no longer. They had great Burgers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Bangkok with Clients

Scania is celebrating 100 years Bus in Thailand and they have flown me to Bangkok to cover teh event under Asian Trucker. Here the view from my Hotel.

I like the swimming pool sized bath tub... Too bad I did not bring my rubber duck (Where is one when you need it). Service in this hotel is great. Called them to see if they have an adapter for my powercords. In no time they had one delivered to my room... Normally, you get to hear "Solly sir, we no hab".