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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Local Marketing

The night market in Setia Alam is (allegedly, as it goes) the biggest night market in Malaysia. I like to bring foreigners as the sights, sounds and smells are something from a different planet. I mean, why do you have to put the stinky tofu sellers right where you enter the street?

Then there are these "delicatessen". The pig trotters, the chicken livers and Durians. Paired with the sights of sweaty workers hauling the produce into the stalls, this is an adventure not to be missed. There is also a lot of creativity though: some interesting ways to prepare foods, ways of advertising and hand-made devices to keep the flies away.

Living in an area which is not a expat quarters has its advantages. Fella at the burger store knows me and has my whopper ready in no time. Double cheese, no egg. I just wish that there would be a beer pavillion where I could rest a while after lugging the fruits across half the town.

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