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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fly with me

"So, how was the flight?" Good question. Or at least it used to be. There are some 3000 starts and landings per day in Germany alone. I think air-travel has become the new bus trip. With millions of people flying everywhere and all the time, things have changed.

I remember times when it was allowed to smoke in the plane. And you could sit in the non-smoking section. As it THAT would make any difference. People would applaud when the plane landed. I am so glad that that is over and done...

So, how was my flight? Typical as per the following:
- Go to airport, check in
- Lounge around at McD, check emails
- Board the plane, try to figure out the inflight entertainment.
- Food, some more coffee? No thanks, I am on diet. Hahahaha.
- Landing, everyone eager to get out of the thing

So, yeah. My flight was, well. Just that.

But every now and then, there is some excitement. Like on the trip to Japan. When some fella couldn't help it and absolutely needed to have a smoke in the toilet. Man, did that create a stirr. With passengers being interrogated as to who dunnit and the offender being escorted off the plane. Well, or like this Wednesday, when the announcement came that a doctor is needed, because a passenger felt sick. Poor sod. 35 000 feet high and no where to go.

I was just completely scared because that (announcement) usually marked the beginning of a horrifying journey in the 1980s plane crash movies.

This blog post will now take off, have food and land.