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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Killer likely insane???

Maybe I am missing something here...Someone goes and kills 100 or so people as a result of some idiotic political views and the press says "Killer likely insane"?

You don't need ANY academic degree to certify that this fella is clearly a nutcase. Publishing a 1000 page manifesto on racial views alone is indication enough. What else to call a mass murderer like that?
"Nice and highly intelligent chap with some queer world views, expressed in the wrong manner"?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who moved my Whisky?

Stefan Pertz is now certified senile...
I just realised that I already posted the toilet roll below in this blog. Ok, still funny, but hey, this isn't the public TV channel where you can re-run stuff forever...

Speaking of which: We don't have any working TV channel and have to depend on DVDs.
We are now down to D-Movies. Handy-cam quality and story lines as flat as plate.
The other day I was watching a movie. 1,5 hours (90 minutes feature film in jargon) later I have no idea what it was about. Maybe about some people doing some things.

Anyway,.. Dinner is ready. Off to warm up my new barstools.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Singapore here we come again

Singapore here we come again. This time for the wedding of Alan, Nicole's brother. Three days in the island state. Had a hard time getting hold of a hotel room. There must be something going on. Indoor ping pong world championship or something. Since the opening of the so-called Integrated Resorts, tourist numbers have (according to Asian Journeys Magazine) gone up from 200 000 a month to 1 million!

Will send you a picture from the bus... Well, palm trees mainly.