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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A lot of travel

These guys are already waiting for my return... Monday I am heading to Hong Kong. Asian Trucker mission and a hotel review to be done for Asian Trucker. This kind of stuff ensures that I get to see different hotels every time I go.

Once back, we then help organising the 4th Las Vacas Steak Challenge. Then off to Kota Kinabalu and Jakarta. In between there may be a trip to Europe coming up.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find some time to get a vacation going with the Missus. Beach? City? City? Beach?? Well. Let's see. The first part of the year has been good, a lot of work so we deserve it.
Reminds me, I need a new swimming trunk. And have my diving mask fitted with perscription glasses so I can finally get some diving done. Last time I tried, it took me 2 hours to unsuccessfully insert my contact lenses. Looked like a bloody rabbit after that, with all the red eyes.

Tonight: Japanese buffet overdose. Salmon anyone...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Magnificent Malaysian Mangroves

Literally across the highway from Taiping is a huge area of mangroves. Apparently award winning and one of the largest intact areas on the planet.

We went to have a look and were even able to convince someone to get the boat going for a short tour. The captain told us that there are thousands of fireflies to see at night (Got to come back then, huh?) and there are also alligators (Sorry, no swimming then).

Not sure if it is a good or bad thing that this place is so totally unknown. The seafood restaurants overlooking the river made for an beautiful stop to fill up the energy reserves and offered a good view of the hustle and bustle. Then again, maybe a good thing that there aren't hordes of people rushing through.

Man, Groove in the mangrove...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long weekend - Taiping

Having spend Chinese New Year on planes, I am taking the long weekend as an opportunity to relax a bit. We are up in Taiping, climbing mountains, jogging and relaxing in general.

If I had the right cable, I would also download some images from my phone to post here... ;-)