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Monday, August 30, 2010

Germany and more travel

A week in Germany was quite refreshing. The Hotel "Domizol Leidinger" was a blast. Very exciting hotel with each room in a unique design and style. German Hotlers also managed to surprise us with a lot of added value.

Thanks to Julia and Kersten for having me at their wedding. All the best for the two of you!
I also like sleeping on the ship. Something different.

Next weekend I am going to be in Abu Dhabi.
Then there is the trip to Singapore for the F1 with my parents.

I promise to post more pictures... My phone got stolen a few weeks back, now using a phone that makes calls only. Not a bad thing though as I don't get distracted so much.

Monday, August 16, 2010

How to improve running times

Here some radical ideas on how to improve your running times:

1) Place a sharp stone in your shoes. You will be faster as you want the pain to end
2) Upset a bunch of stray dogs in the park
3) Run during a thunderstom and hope not to get hit by lighting

If you want some serious advice:

Gotta run now. See you!