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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ask me about Ipoh

I am in Singapore, at the airport. There is this leaflet on the "Ipoh Heritage Trail".
Great, since we are in Taiping for the Chinese New Year anyway, a trip to Ipoh makes sense.

So, off we go... The traffic is not too bad, considering that a lot of people are on leave. No major incidents on the way.

We arrive. We park. It is 1:00pm, we are hungry. Plenty of stores, all packed. Great. Means good food. 20 minutes later we sit down and order. 20 minutes later, the food arrives. Just then the phone rings.

Spike is sick, having some Diaroeha. Great. So we wrap up, go back.

I have now seen 1 local food store in Ipoh. Guess we have to do that again, minus a sick dog.
He looked sorry to have ruined the trip though...