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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hooked on being Eastern & Oriental

What many know is that the Eastern & Oriental hotel is an icon and that it was established by the Sarkies, who also founded the Raffles. This book, however, has so much to tell about the famous abode! I dove into it headfirst and found myself transported back into a time that was stunning, exciting, full of adventures in foreign countries and the smell of opportunity.

Some of the pictures in this book show the extravagant, the luxurious and the exhilarating lifestyle of the movers and shakers of a bygone time. Maybe we can learn from these B/W photos again how to be Ladies and Gentlemen instead of just "having a good time"? It also tells the story about how the owners sometimes made mistakes that could have wiped out the legacy of this hotel, something we should appreciate did not happen.

Although I have stayed in the E&O a few times, my next visit will be nothing like it after vaccuming up the content of this fantastic book.

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