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Saturday, August 22, 2009

They are all animals here!

I am staying with Floyd and Farah (again). Floyd has helped us a lot with advise, board and food, writing and whiskey.

As we are heading to Robert's birthday party last night, Floyd turns around to the taxi driver and asks him what the big hoo-haa is all about... "Formula 1"... Floyd says:"They must all be animals. Or why the cages?".

This morning I found out that I am not doing enough sports, drink to much of the wrong liquids and perhaps eat too fatty. Floyd is 20 years older and outran me this morning. Depressing. For me. Next time I am here: Revenge.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down South again next week

Next week it is Singapore. Got an assignment from a client and will be heading over. As usual, I will be staying the my favorite Editor (no names please). Hopefully, we can finally go for a jog, as we have planned for the past 3 years.

Funny thing: when you walk around Taiping (Malysia) people wave at you and say hi if you are a stranger to town... They must love tourists.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GI Joe the movie?

In the 90s we used to go to the cinema every week. I still like to see a good show on the big screen. Kind of different. With all the surround sound, the lights dim and popcorn and such.

Nowadays it is quite rare to find a good movie. Somehow it seems that Hollyschutt has lost the ability to come up with good plots. Look at Heat: 6 different stories interwoven. Tight. Smart and an "believable" story. This could really happen. And the shoot-out at the bank is amazing! One of the few movies that actually convince the audience that there are weapons in the game.

Next big blockbuster (HA!) is GI Joe. What is next? Mikado - The Movie? Monopoly 1,2 and 3? Or Checkers (Dame) as a soap opera? Movie adapatations of board games? Better to watch a bucket of paint dry up. I am going to bed now to see the rise of another Cobra.