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Thursday, July 2, 2020

You Wrong That Read

I have been a "model" for a brochure in Singapore (Goldbell, back in 2007), an "actor" in a SingPost TV commercial. Several times I have been interviewed for newspapers, magazines or blogs. I enjoy these as I can learn about techniques others may use, think about how to give a smart response while on record with no time for long deliberations.

While in lockdown, a client suggested that we do video interviews that we record and then post online for others to get their info. Since I like to try new ways, it was obvious that I would go for that. Yesterday I did my second recording of such interviews.

Gotta say! Being a presenter is not easy. Can't dig your nose while the other party gives an answer. Need to speak clearly, and measured. Can't just stare around the room, but must pretend to be looking at the other participant. And although I have a script to read from, it is HAAARDDDD to get the lines right. I had to re-take a few things during the session as I did not read them right.

If anything, I can now appreciate the effort that goes into making a movie or TV commercial...

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