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Monday, November 30, 2020

An Iconic German Watch Brand being Re-Launched


The re-birth of an Iconic German Watch Brand.

How exciting it must be to re-launch a brand that has been in the family for generations!
Jonas Bley is currently busy with the production and shipment of the first watches of the relaunched Wegner Watches brand. With a lot of history, he surely has some anecdotes to share:

“While the (hi-)story of Eugen Wegner and the watch business has always been present in my childhood home, none of us really dared to venture into that field, lacking the experience. My grandmother (a goldsmith) and her brother (a watchmaker) are the only family members who used to learn the trade of watchmaking and goldsmithing. During high school I interned at my grandmother’s studio for a short while, but that is long time ago.


In 2017 I came across one of the old Hevelius pockets watches, which was sold by a trader in Moscow. It was the tipping point for me to finally try and restart the business. However, reviving the family business for us also means that do not outsource our manufacturing. Our products are close to our heart and we want to have as much control over the process and quality as possible. Therefore, in absence of any personal qualification as watchmaker or goldsmith, it has been of utmost importance for us to find excellent watchmakers and goldsmiths to be part of our revival team from day one reviving the family business.” - Jonas Bley in November 2020.

Those interested in the timepieces can now pledge their support on Kickstarter Eugen Wegner

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