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Friday, July 10, 2020

Apparently, You COULD Make Stuff up!

As it is customary here in Asia, when you buy something, you get a "Free Gift". Not that one has to point it out, but gifts should be free to begin with. And then they are not free as they are certainly factored into the price of the goods purchased. I took the umbrella with the wedding bands. Not that I can't afford an umbrella, eh eh... But you know. Free maaaah!

At the petrol station this morning I got a bottle of salad dressing. And this will keep me awake at night for some time.

Firstly: What is the connection between salad dressing and petrol? I can see canned drinks and sammiches to make sense: needed for road trips. But what chances are there that you need salad dressing on the occasion of filling your tank.

Secondly: REAL INGRIDENTS??? What else would anything be made of? Or maybe, just MAYBE, there is business opportunity here for a "Phantom Ingredients" shop. Where you get like, nothing, to put into your product. You end up making stuff up.

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