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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Iconic Trucks - An Iconic First Book Project


It has been quiet the journey putting this together: the first coffee table book I have conceptualised and authored. The idea was not exactly new as we had the concept sitting around for some time, but we did not get the signal from the market that this would be something that creates demand. Meanwhile, things must have changed.

During the lockdown, I took to collating material for 45 trucks; pictures and texts. Significant effort was put into making this a balanced representation of what constitutes these iconic vehicles. The concept was to put a substantial book together, maybe around 180 pages. Something like this should not be too flimsy and it needs to have some UMPF. Turns out that it will be shaving the 400 page mark by just a few. But the extra wait is worth it as this has improved the quality tremendously.

Some brands / vehicles did not make the cut. I can easily agree that the selection is rather subjective as it is my choice. However, if this initial book is making some waves, there could be "More Iconic Trucks" coming up to follow on to the success. 

A few people have already placed their order via and I am pretty much just waiting for the lockdown to ease up so I can send this to the printer. 

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