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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cocktail Hour - 4 pm Somewhere


It must have been some 20 years since I was roaming the streets, looking for some party in hidden places where alcoholic drinks were served in plastic cups. When we were in school, that was the pinnacle of indulgence: a cold beer in a cup that needed some care and attention. Squeeze it too hard and it would break and 0.4 litre of precious liquid spilled on your new shoes...

With the pandemic came the rise of deliveries. I vividly remember that mess that my colleague Jeroen ordered in 2000, he said it was a Big Mac. It was tossed beyond recognition. However, nowadays, after a million deliveries daily, it is a different world. 

Geoff Siddle (of Sid's Pubs) is offering a range of yummy cocktails that he makes to order and sends to the far parts of the world where I live. In view of the overall circumstances, I am happy to be slurping from a plastic cup again, being reminded of wilder times. Nowadays, I just fade into the sofa after that one too many drinks, happy that I am already at home.

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