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Saturday, June 5, 2021

A Book Review. Of Sorts


Not exactly a new release, "100 Suns" has been in the market for many years. I have seen the promo when it was first published, but it has taken me till now to finally get a copy of this explosive item.

Featuring 100 nuclear explosions, Michael Light has put together a very scary, yet beautiful work of art. The idea is simple, but I am sure that the execution was not an easy task. The imagery in rather enticingly placed on the black on black of the book. While the photos from the explosions in the desert are more colourful, the ones showing bombs going off in the atolls are scarier: there are more pictures showing soldiers watching these things go off. I know,... "What were they thinking?" But at the time, I am sure they had no clue.

Considering that we grew up with the threat of a nuclear war hanging over us, this book is a stark reminder of how close we have come to total destruction. I am glad that someone has made the effort to preserve these images and to make them available in such a stunningly cool book. For what it is, this coffee table book is visually awesome.  

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