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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Why You Asking?


I like to give feedback. Did you know that I am a "Google Local Guide"? Yeah, cos I like to give constructive feedback. Especially, when the place / service / product is one that I really like. Maybe it helps someone else to make a better decision. 

This blog is weird though. It is asking me for feedback as the first thing that I will see when I log on. Well, how would I know without having had the chance to experience it. Needless to say that this is not going to pop up again later on. I would have to come back. But... Ah, never mind. 

Kinda like the same as the packaging for the steaks I buy at the local supermarket: the packaging is fashioned in a way that you could peel off a corner and then tear away the clear foil. Never works. All it does it that the little bit you manage to lift off rips, revealing plastic edges that are as sharp as shark teeth. And that thing bites. You get your steak bloody, but it is your blood on it.

Which makes you wonder: Doesn't the owner / maker of this ever try it him / herself, thinking, "Uh, that don't work as we thought and maybe we need to amend this?"

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