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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Why I have Trust Issues with Online Sales


While the world was in a lockdown, everyone explored and hailed e-commerce. Much to the delight of makers of small vans, the pandemic spelled increased sales for them. Never has it been easier to order food and nowadays the whole experience is perfected. I remember Jeroen ordering McDonald's in Singapore back in 2000. When the food arrived it looked like footage from a massacre. Today, the food not only arrives where it should, but it is hot and intact.

I remain somewhat skeptical though. Wanting to buy a new bag for the wife, I came across this one in an online sales. 

Whoever did the listing may need to be trained though. Not in IT, but in measurements. No way this backpack is sized to fit just a cigarette packet. I KNOW you are not going to find a ruler to see how small that thing really is. If I held it, in a physical location, being able to touch it, I could immediately know if this is the size we need... So, I will NOT buy this bargain, as I am afraid it is made for my dollhouse and not for use on a human.

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