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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oasis of tranquility

Next to our place is this huge part. A condo (The Maple) is nestled inside and we just found out that it is actually a public park.

I went for a run in the park yesterday adn found this to be a refreshing departure from all the consumption driven places around Asia. No admission fee, free of charge benches and visit to the International Koi Center.

It was a gloomy day with no sunlight. Some of the buildings in the park are left-overs from the previous owners, the railway. These stand next to the shiny KL Performing Arts Centre. The atmosphere was electric,... ponds, rustling trees, free roaming ducks and lush green gras. The place was basically empty. No wonder, it competes with the KLCC Park where families gather to take pictures for the family album with the Twin Towers in the background.

However, it beats KLCC park or the doggy poop and drig infested Fondel (Vondel) Park in (H)Amsterdam.

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