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Monday, September 29, 2008

An amazing event

This was just awesome! We have seen Singapore turned party town!
Not only was the race sensational, but also the entire set up for the Grand Prix. Needless to say that everything (at least on the surface) went smooth as silk. The organisers of the inaugrual Singapore GP have done a great job. The spirit of the helpers on track was amazing and I liked the fact that the Formula 1 ticket was a ticket into numerous parties as well (NB: in KL you would have to pay to get into most venues). The only thing I really hated was that there was no live commentary on the radio. Earmuffs with Radio were advertised as "Race Radio" and did cost a fortune. When asked, the sellers told me how cool it is to listen to music at the race. Honestly,... I don't listen to radio when I am in the cinema. You know what I mean...?

Kersten (above) made the trip from Hong Kong, just to see the race. He left Monday morning at 4 to catch his flight back to the office. Thanks to him I actually got to see a lot of sights I haven't seen so far. Like the Cafe del Mar on Sentosa. Now I need to get some sleep.

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