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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sky over Bali

Not that I can say that the sky looks different when you cross the Equator, but surely the sky has something to it when you have a clear view. While we were in Ubud, we stayed out of town, away from all the pollution that there might be. As we arrived at 23:00 a clear, unobstructed view welcomed us. Looking up the sky was breathtaking. In Singapore you hardly see the sky. It is either polluted or there is clouds. The moon was hanging over the river valley (road) like a big italian designer lamp. It was so bright, you could do without the lights outside.

Looking up the sky I felt like being back in Australia. When I crossed the Nulabur Plains in 2000, the most amazing view was the starry night. Back then I slept in the car for 2 weeks. Every night I would listen to static on the radio, looking up, gazing at the stars. Billions of them. 30o kilometers away from the next petrol station cum hotel, there was truly no pollution. This great emptiness offers a sight you would not believe.

When was the last time you looked up?

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