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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Driving people mad

If you are trying to confuse some people, here are some good questions that can be used throughout South East Asia. Both work perfect in Starbucks and similar places:

- Ask a Starbucks Barista "What is YOUR favorite coffee?". Usual answer: I don't drink coffee. So much for passion for your job, identifying yourself with the company and products. (NB: when I was 16, I worked in a local pub. I tried ALL the spirits there were so I knew what the booze tastes like and I could advice people when they wanted to get hammered on something sweet..)

- Best answer to the question "So, just a REGULAR coffee?" would be: "What sort of IRREGULAR coffees you got?"
Given all the flavors and 100s of options for the milk, WHAT is a regular coffee?

You can also try the following in the post office or McDonalds: Greet people by saying: "Hi, how are you today?" Seems to be a question they hear the first time as they are always thrown off balanace by the cheer friendliness of the customer.

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