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Monday, January 28, 2008

Good old times

Spoke to Hagen last night. We agreed. There was only one (1) really bad movie we have seen in the entire 90s. Batman. And it WAS a bad movie. And we have been to the cinema EVERY week. Once. At least!

Now here is a clipping from Rotten Tomatoes on Rambo 4:
Stays on the verge of being a rousing dumbass flick at all times -- you've never seen so many mid-air organs --

Another one from a forum on the same movie (Movie???)
Bottomline, if you somehow have a sick fetish for watching people’s heads get blown up and chopped off everywhere, then RAMBO to you would be like Christmas in January.

Now go back and check the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for
- HEAT - Terminator - Rambo 1

Guess what all the above have in common (at least in my opinion): Right, an amazing story. In case of Heat there is actually ... errr about 8 stories weaved together.

Hope this year will not be the same as 2007 when it comes to movies. Kind of sad that TRANSFORMERS turned out to be my highlight last year.

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