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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whisky Diary

Last week in Hong Kong was fun. Stayed in an amazing hotel and "had" to review a whiskey bar.
This weekend was and still is very liquid. Friday night I was over at the Vice President of MCBC for dinner. A lot of good food and drinks were had. At the end of the evening (well, morning really), I got home and the bed would not not be standing still when I tried to jump into it.

Last night we then went to celebrate Nadia's birtday, followed by a visit to the Backyeard. We sat out front.. :-). There I was re-enacting the rum diaries. Considering that I have a Sake night on Tuesday, I think the aim for the next 2 days is to stay away from any intoxicating drinks and give the body a chance to recover.

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