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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you miss the food from home?

Interestingly, I get asked a lot of times if I am missing the food from home or if I can get the same food as "back home". Yes, you can. Thanks to globalisation. Found this really great Confiture. Grabbed the strawberry and was overwhelmed by the taste.

Exactly what a Confiture should be: Not too sweet, yes with fruits, but not the entire fruit, making it hard to eat it. No sugary taste or traces of any preservatives etc. Just great strawberry taste. Haven't seen this in Germany though, which proves that "out here" you will sometimes some real gems.

Some information from their website (
Albert Ménès jams are slow-cooked with high fruit content but not any strawberry makes the Albert Ménès mark.  Le premier critère de qualité est la variété du fruit : notre confiture de fraise utilise des fraises senga sengana, petites et au goût très concentré, les roses du confit sont des Centifolia en provenance de la région de Grasse.The first criterion in choosing fine, natural ingredients is about the fruit variety. Albert Ménès Strawberry Jam is made only with strawberries of the Senga Sengana species, chosen for their small size, flavour, strong taste and outstanding crunchiness. The strawberries are sorted and selected before being preserved whole in pure cane sugar to give a jam easily spreadable with the enjoyment of full strawberries.
Bon appetit!

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